Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Quiet Evening+This and that

The other night Travis had to work late which meant it was just the kids and I until bedtime.  We had spent the day at the pool so all of their energy was gone. Can I get a hallelujah? It was one of the most peaceful evenings we've had to date.  The boys were playing animals, Emma was crafting and Eloise kept moseying around from room to room.
I can feel the end of summer sneaking it's way towards us.  Last week the kids and I made a paper chain counting down the days until school starts.  In my mind we were going to make a lengthy chain and I was a bit shocked at how SHORT the chain ended up being.  We're excited about a new stage of life we're entering into.  Emma will not be homeschooled this year.  We are so excited for what the Lord has in store for her this year.  It was important to us that she fills her little heart and mind with Scripture so we've been memorizing a new verse every few days.  We've picked out a special verse that will be her own special verse that she can always have ready.  More on that in a few weeks! In the mean time we plan on sneaking in every last bit of summer we can!
And while Emma will be off to school we will be homeschooling Colt this year!  It was really important to me that my kids have a solid foundation in reading and math.  Obviously they can get that anywhere they go. But to be able to work one on one with them for a year worked best for our family! We went to the bookstore last week and Emma picked out her first chapter book.  She hasn't put it down and will finish up her last chapter tomorrow.  It makes my heart so happy to see her curled up in various places around the house reading to herself.  It's just the beginning of something wonderful!
We've been organizing and moving things around this past week.  I'm sure you're thinking...what's new?! ;)  One of the things that I have found is how when you live in a tiny place you are constantly rearranging and changing things around to fit that moment of life.  In the kids room they have two giant closets.  Over the summer we emptied out one for a secret fort for the kids.  I just moved all my clothes in with the kid's stuff.  But as we're gearing up for a big school year we've acquired a bit more clothing...which means back to the other closet we go!
In a nutshell that's what we've been up to this past week.  Squeezing in summer, crafting, quiet nights, reading, back to school shopping... these days are so precious and sweet to me.  I want to remember to savor every minute.  The quiet ones AND the chaotic ones! We are so blessed!
Hope your week has been a great one thus far!

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  1. I think it's wonderful that you home school the kids at first and then send them to school, I believe it to be a good mixture. I think the bible verse a day is a beautiful one, I used to write one in my planners, helps me when I look at what I have to do. Such great ideas all around!

  2. Ashley, your words and photos are always so uplifting!!
    I'm putting down my phone to go organize my closets :) :)

  3. Your family is just my speed. Love it.

  4. I love those rare quiet moments. I still remember when my husband worked late nights and my boy was 6 months old...we would stay up late snuggling and listening to Coldplay. Those were precious times. http://acuriousthinglife.blogspot.com/