Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beach Vacation: Third and Final Post

I really think I could post beach pictures every day and be perfectly happy reminiscing :). This is the last round of pictures that I wanted to document before I forgot!

What was so funny while we were on vacation, is that my brother and his family were there at the same time. I may have already written that in another post.  So if so... just pretend like it's new news ;)
They joined us on the beach one day and it was so fun to see the cousins play together.

 photo 702b0a01-f9e8-4948-81c0-25738897542a_zpsa14dbeae.jpg

Emma and her Uncle Justin (my brother).
 photo 1093ecb2-6520-47fd-b1a3-726dfb0cb25c_zps741c71dc.jpg
Cade "fished" almost the entire time he was on the beach.  Travis set up a little rod and fishing lure (without a hook) and he cast and cast and cast the whole vacation.
 photo dc781af0-ccab-4135-a2fc-b3a1b62f708b_zpsafbc85c9.jpg
Colt and his cousin Jake.
 photo 079b61c9-2d16-438a-9981-9efa82e50c94_zpsc104394c.jpg
Travis caught a fish one day and gave it to Cade.  He carried that smelly fish around all day and was SO PROUD of it :) photo 46087ebe-32c2-45cf-b044-39d4d7e65d68_zpsaf8187a9.jpg  photo ef2b8a41-c371-4718-8f1f-62d1b77799c0_zpsae517a04.jpg
If there's one thing you should know about our Eloise, it's that she LOVES men. Big manly men. And she wants nothing to do with women. Of any kind (except for me). No Grandmas, Nanas, Aunts, Nursery Ladies. She wants nothing to do with them.
But put her around some of her favorite men and she thrives;) The proof is in these pictures of her and her Uncle Justin at the beach haha! 

 photo 8626e095-ba81-46ba-b022-7a3b9a1d32e1_zps5a345a36.jpg  photo 22ff1b1f-8eeb-425a-b368-bfa52a4706b2_zps90d6e40a.jpg  photo 405f2f64-a9d5-49e3-ac37-5cc620da6655_zps22339518.jpg  photo 425b9a08-76e5-42f7-97c5-c17232929e99_zpsfbd366c7.jpg  photo 56928399-a146-4394-8b05-d90f26832f31_zps94d84fc8.jpg
Just like Cade spent the majority of his vacation "fishing", Emma spent the majority of her vacation building sand castles!
 photo f5b4aad8-6ca2-4280-bd9a-d9d17753055a_zpsebe986c0.jpg  photo 5b92a827-d66a-4763-bd03-95d382169247_zpsda758432.jpg  photo be4c8f1a-8dda-4e0e-8e51-3d203c3af4cb_zps6c585d11.jpg  photo 7017c131-3d38-4a60-9328-b1684b3b3e39_zps8851406e.jpg  photo 515a27b2-8b0d-43c6-a6b8-9fc0ec8babec_zpsa4e9954f.jpg  photo 3359e796-3116-4476-b105-22a6bff210b4_zps145af8de.jpg


  1. Everything is so colorful. I love it! Love - grandma s.

  2. Aww your family is so beautiful. It looks like they had an amazing time with their cousins. There is something so wonderful and relaxing about the beach. I'm so glad you guys had an great vacation.
    Allison over at http://allisons-eye.com/

  3. What a fantastic vacation! It looks like you all had such a wonderful time. :)

  4. You guys are just the cutest. You look great in that two piece with your FOUR babies!!! (Amazing.) That is so funny and sweet about Eloise preferring men! :)