Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Taco Tuesday

With the summer weather beginning to roll in I've found myself wanting to spend less time in the kitchen.  Monday night I had made Taco Salads (yay Cinco de Mayo) and while I was already in the kitchen I made an extra pound of taco meat and chopped up extra tomato, lettuce, olives, cilantro and onions for tacos the next day.  If there's one thing my family could eat every meal, it would be Mexican food.  Tacos, taco salad, enchiladas, nachos... throw some salsa and guac on top and we're there!

So, Tuesday night I just heated up some tortillas and assembled the tacos on tin foil.  Everybody had a taco or two made just for them. I labeled each taco, threw them into our picnic basket with some tortilla chips and salsa. And we were off!  The kids thought it was the best thing that I had labeled some of the tacos "Extra". They've been on a big kick of "knock-knock" jokes lately.  You can imagine the "knock-knock" jokes that started rolling out from a taco named "Extra".  ;)  Travis and I have gotten really good at courtesy laughing ;)

 photo 00db4ef1-69aa-4988-af18-b83dbfd98e1d_zpsac9a9fc3.jpg  photo 3a57dcba-f9f8-4e52-a0b4-414633248cb6_zps0537399a.jpg  photo 38d7df62-a10b-45e6-91d7-342e934f7c71_zpscd9cb460.jpg  photo dddb8f98-01c9-495b-a37f-55f07d50e2c1_zpsea668952.jpg

Colt's been going through a growth spurt lately and not just in size.  I've noticed him starting to take care of Eloise quite a bit more.  Making sure she's taken care of.  I love catching him sneaking her kisses on her cheek as he passes by.
Our park has a huge hill that the kids love to run up and down.  Eloise had followed the big kids up the hill and then turned to make her way down.  Her little giraffe legs were having a hard time handling the speed of the hill.  She fell onto her back and as soon as it happened Colt was dashing down the hill to her.  There is nothing sweeter than watching a big brother take care of his baby sister :)

 photo 154eaeca-3b30-403c-8448-f2c8abd3f51b_zps468025cd.jpg  photo 757c4967-4c9d-409b-b1cf-8af144533b4d_zps479f3868.jpg  photo 3cc28e8b-be16-4821-a2ca-6ef337fbbd09_zpsf934e49f.jpg  photo 086a8f66-2211-4e99-89e7-b97abd5213fa_zps79fefcf0.jpg  photo da8846c9-6cb1-4890-b99e-da0231fec3e5_zps5bbb5479.jpg

We stayed until the sun began to set and then piled into the car to head home for some ice cream before bed.  Life is so good. We have so much.  Healthy babies, green hills for them to run up and down, cozy beds and clean blankets to tuck them in at night, running water, Neopolitan ice cream in the freezer, a roof over our heads... I am so thankful.


  1. I think I could eat Mexican food for every meal too. ;)

    Life is SO good...isn't it?


  2. Colt helping Eloise up--such precious photos!! :)

  3. Ohh my goodness! So, so precious! How sweet!!!

  4. This is beautiful. Isn't it amazing how the simple things in life are the best? This night sounds PERFECT! You know my love for Mexican runs deep. Lance isn't on the mexican train though! he needs to get on it! HA!

  5. We have a Taco Tuesday but lately we have been having to go to Taco Bell due to our crazy ballgame schedule. But this would be a fun thing to do at the ballpark just grab them and go. Love the picnic basket where did you find it.