Thursday, February 20, 2014


Our week has been spent outside.  The weather has felt like spring... low 70's and the perfect breeze.  It just feels wrong to be playing or working inside with it being so lovely.  The laundry has piled up, my email inbox is full, the floors really need to be mopped.  But I know the weather will turn chillier again before long. So for now it can all wait!

We went on a walk this morning.  Eloise in her stroller and the big three strolling along with me.  I could say it a million times a day... but I LOVE this time in my life. I love spending time with my babies and seeing them explore the world around them. I love seeing them interact with one another.  They're my little buddies and I love doing life with them.

I was talking with some girlfriends the other night about motherhood.  And it's kind of a running joke with the majority of my friends...that I don't like to leave my kids.  I would rather take them with me somewhere then be without them.  In a few months I'll be heading to Napa with my sister-in-law and friends for a getaway that we earned with Rodan and Fields.  Call me crazy but I'm already feeling nervous about it.  I think it's so neat the way the Lord has us all wired.  My wiring is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE having my kids around me at all times:)  I suppose that's a good thing since there are so many of them haha!

A few of my favorite moments from our week....

+ My Cade has been a late talker. He had his own little language for a long time that only we could understand.  But the past few months his vocabulary has begun to really blossom.  One of my favorite things that he says lately is that something is "Giant. Normous." I could just squeeze and kiss him every time he says it! And he told me today "I yuv church, target and donuts." Me too too!

+ Emma has been reading up a storm over here. EVERY.THING. gets read over here.  Shampoo bottles, items in the fridge/pantry, magazines at the store (which is no bueno).  And you'd better believe that we're all getting hand written notes daily.  She reminds me of myself as a little girl. I was constantly crafting and cutting.  My mom always encouraged it.  We always had an endless supply of paper, crayons and glue in a craft drawer.  I want our home to be the same way.  Yes, it does mean that it looks like a mouse lives here.  Tiny paper scraps are everywhere.  But there is nothing sweeter than seeing her in her element writing and crafting.

+ It seems that Eloise seemed to just know that she had turned one and isn't a baby anymore.  I've held onto it as long as I could.  She's jabbering up a storm and starting to stand on her own.  This week she officially moved out of the baby carrier carseat this week (I know...I know...WAY overdue). And don't laugh... but I always bought Pampers because they smell like a newborn baby and I also always bought pink Johnson's baby soap for the tub. So that she of course would smell like a newborn. I've taken big strides this week and bought her some Target brand diapers and apple smelling baby soap. That's a huge deal over here folks;)

+ Colt has officially discovered tree climbing this past month.  Last year he would climb the trees in our yard but only venture into the bottom branches.  I had a heart attack this past week when I heard him yell hello to me. I looked up and he was swaying in some tippy top branches like a little monkey.  We had to have a little chat about only climbing as far as the tree was sturdy. ;)

How has your week been?!  Is the weather warm or chilly where you're at?  Happy Thursday friends!

(a few recent phone pics)
 photo 43de0c82-f928-4493-837d-2cb7e2e80c03_zpseb36a807.jpg  photo 00a88039-5803-490c-99be-159f723d3255_zps16755839.jpg  photo 56a6f576-7b6c-4e54-baab-4ff99f86cd7f_zpsc566db9f.jpg  photo 07eff943-6ec4-43b0-8d42-8b53609103ea_zpsea73a653.jpg  photo 27cdd578-d12a-403c-ac8f-29cdfe135e53_zpsc4ff8724.jpg  photo 0259fad4-fabe-4bf8-a390-0c7050e28fe7_zps942f5e0b.jpg  photo 9cb9d4ae-d102-4ee9-a640-426eaac50d0f_zps624b0b27.jpg  photo f05a8d3d-b439-4cd2-a5a1-e5d43e99540e_zpsccf806ae.jpg  photo 4f4b09fb-8044-44a8-910b-88681e8f866b_zpsfc877eb7.jpg  photo 3ce4c24b-7988-43e3-945c-11f7a34dbd72_zpsccf1cdc0.jpg  photo 4b1c6e7f-eabb-4457-aace-62c6ed2ec6c7_zps513dcac3.jpg  photo 3508995a-5bba-48e0-bfd4-7a65e18c4279_zpsaa81cef8.jpg


  1. So fun that Emma is reading, writing, and crafting!
    I hope my boys will craft with me someday!
    I love that you want to bring your kids everywhere with you.
    I feel the same way :)
    Did you make all the beautiful quilts in your house?

  2. I'm surprised at the Pampers due to your thriftiness- Target are so much cheaper! ;) I totally understand though- I still put Baby Magic lotion on my 2 year old on the rare occasion that I can get him to hold still enough after a bath to do so. ;) My 20 lb. 10.5 month old is still in his infant carrier, too. He still stays asleep in it going from vehicle to shopping cart or stroller often so I can't quite give it up! Why must they grow so fast?! ;(

  3. I never leave my kiddos and having them as my buddies makes my heart happy! You know I love these pics! Emma's hair -- Teach me your ways! It's been a rough week... Thank you for the prayers, friend! xo

  4. I know what you mean about leaving your kiddos. It sounds good in theory but then all you do is think about them when you are away!

  5. Ashley,

    I've said it many times before but, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!!! I read it everyday and this post in particular, I can relate to. I hated leaving my kids when they were growing up, and frankly, didn't too often. I still find myself wanting to be at home if Caleb (who's 17 years!) is at home, which as you know from teenagers, is rare! Treasure everyday with your little ones, they grow up WAY too fast!! Miss seeing you guys! Take care and keep blogging!!