Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Grandma!

My family lives in Missouri which means we don't get to see them near enough!  Birthdays are typically spent away from one another.  When Emma was born I took a picture of her with a little sign to send to my mom on her Birthday.  Since then we've made it a yearly tradition just for Grandma.  It's been fun to look back through the past years.  I've looked high and low for last years picture but can't seem to find it.  I'll give myself a little grace considering Eloise was only 6 days old at the time.  ;)

Happy Birthday to the best Mom in the world. I love you so much and am so thankful that you're the Grandma to my babies!  Can't wait to squeeze you this upcoming weekend!

 photo f108df24-e3b2-4da3-aac2-33a92ac0e8f6_zpsa6cbd1cf.jpg  photo c054f208-335e-4c6b-8707-b3b7a5ec8b35_zps0e0fa774.jpg  photo 76605b19-1f96-4d90-ab12-57e284d727ae_zps0118e94b.jpg  photo 14763e1f-0f8c-4675-9f01-9a6756c27db5_zpsc8f4ad6f.jpg  photo ac7eee99-5213-4450-8a21-8a5fb1703d1c_zps816d2c20.jpg  photo 8c081523-d110-453d-9232-1e5be21199be_zps5eb66413.jpg  photo 98026807-9d75-48a1-b074-d7b5913da216_zpsc41d8a2c.jpg  photo birthdaypic3_zps32618474.jpg


  1. so precious! Look how little Emma was!

  2. I know you mom loves these sweet pictures. As Nonnie to my sweet babies...I live for pictures of them. Happy Birthday to your mom & I hope your visit is wonderful. Nancy

  3. So cute!!! I bet your mom looks forward to that pic ALL year!

  4. Your littles are the sweetest! Love their cheerful, happy smiles. Happy happy birthday to Grandma!