Tree and Ice

posted on: Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This past weekend our part of Texas was hit with a major ice storm.
Wednesday night we knew it was coming so I headed to the store 
and stocked up on soup and baking ingredients for the long weekend.
Our initial plan before we realized an ice storm was coming was to hit 
up our favorite Christmas Tree Farm over the weekend.
Thursday morning we made the decision for Travis to pick one up on his way home from work.
And goodness did that man deliver!!!!
He knocked on the front door for us to open it and when the kids swung it open 
all we could see was a gigantic tree standing in the doorway.
The jolliness and surprise of it all for the kids made up for not 
being able to cut down our own this year!

Thursday evening was spent decorating the tree and watching The Sound of Music.
This was the first year that I let the kids decorate the tree themselves.
 A few years ago I decided to put away any glass or special ornaments.
I didn't want the stress of broken ornaments to ruin the fun.
We now decorate with plastic balls and other inexpensive ornaments.
Which is why the kids were given free reign of decorating the tree.
It's amazing how a 9 ft. tree can look so disheveled and glorious all at the same time.
After the little ones had gone to bed I took the time to stand back and look at their handy work.
Ornaments only hung halfway up the tree because of Eloise...
ornaments clustered in patches around the tree...
it is so perfect to me.
My heart swells knowing that six little hands decorated our tree this year.
And two more little hands will try their best to un-decorate it as best as she can.
We are so blessed.

Friday morning we awoke to an icy winter wonderland outside our windows. 
And when I say icy I'm not talking about a light frost.
Our tree limbs were touching the ground from the weight of the ice...
the neighbors tree limbs had fallen completely off...
other neighbor's trees had completely split in half.

It really was the perfect way to kick off the Christmas season.
We spent the whole weekend snuggled up in our jammies, watching movies and drinking cocoa.
On Sunday we all started to get a little cabin fever and decided to venture out.
A little walk around Target to get some new games and a lunch of Chicfilla remedied the fever.

The countdown to Christmas is officially getting closer.
Would you believe that I haven't bought a single present yet?
The plan is to tackle every last bit of it this weekend.
Have you started your shopping?

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Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. Again, you amaze me with your mothering skills. I decorated the tree while the girls were sleeping. I so need to get better at loosening the reigns. Well done. And for once I feel like we are in the same climate! It's almost like we're neighbors! But we aren't so it's still sad...xoxo

  2. Our ornaments are here and there, but perfect! Even Abe the Babe tried to help decorate and spends each day taking down at least one ornament. :) We do most of our shopping online. So much easier!! :) I adore these pics! :)

  3. Beautiful! I love your pictures! One of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating the tree with my family and telling the stories behind each of the ornaments. Our tree never looked put together or glamorous, but there was something so beautiful and magical about its disorganization. You could just tell that it had been decorated with so much love.

  4. You always inspire me!!! I love this also, its one of my favorite things.