posted on: Sunday, December 1, 2013

This Thanksgiving holiday was perhaps my favorite one to date.
We loaded up the kids Wednesday afternoon and made the eight hour journey to my parents home.
Leaving in the later afternoon helped to shorten the trip simply because
 the kids slept the last four hours since it was their bedtime. 
The trip home was a different story.
We left in the morning.
And what should have been an eight hour trip stretched out to ten hours.
Home never looked so good as when we pulled into the driveway!

Thanksgiving Day itself was a treat.
Spending time with my family all together always does my heart good.
And getting to meet and smooch on a newborn niece sweetened the day even more.
We started the morning with the Macy's Day Parade, a 2pm lunch and pie/leftovers for a late dinner.
The makings of a perfect day.

Friday my dad treated all fifteen of us to a show at the Sight and Sound Theatre in Branson, Missouri.
We saw The Miracle of Christmas which told the story of the birth of Christ.
It was FABULOUS!!!
It captured everyone's attention...even Cade my two year old!
It was the perfect way to start the Christmas season!
After the show we went out for some of the best bbq I think I have ever had.
The story of Christ followed with some top notch bbq... best Christmas present ever :)
Thankyou Dad!!!

Saturday was filled with a slow morning sipping coffee and visiting...
a lunch date with a dear friend...
followed by the movie Frozen with my sisters, mom, Emma and Colt.
(the movie by the way gets a two thumbs up from us! SO SO cute!)
We ended the evening with card games, coffee and pie.

I think what made this Thanksgiving extra special was just the simplicity of being around my family.
Spending a long weekend surrounded by my best friends and my babies.
And stepping away from the hustle and bustle of life to just enjoy each other's company.
There is nothing sweeter.
Slowing down...laughing together...playing games together...eating together..
celebrating each others successes...just being.
Such a refreshing blessing.

How was your Thanksgiving?


  1. What a sweet day. Those First Thanksgiving outfits are absolutely adorable. Such a blessing to spend time with loved ones. :)

  2. Sight & Sound performances are amazing! We started going once a year with our girls( just turned 8 &10) and they love it too! Eric and I saw Behold the Lamb(life of Christ) and then took the girls to Jonah last summer(amazing!) but this year we went to Noah and it was the best yet! Glad you got to see the Christmas show. We'd like to see that one day.

  3. Your family is so precious. Glad you were able to have a nice holiday here in good ole' MO! We're actually thinking about taking Elyse to see Frozen--she's young, but she LOVES movies and will sit so still during the movies at home!

  4. Looks like it was wonderful! Family time is the best.