Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Room Tour- Shared Bedroom

I thought it would be fun to show you Emma and Colt's bedroom!
They have shared a room since Colt was born.
We've talked about the boys eventually sharing but Emma and Colt 
have convinced us they don't want to be separated:)
I love their friendship!

Their room doesn't have a theme of any kind.
It's made up of a lot of mish-mash.
That's my favorite kind of room!
It's filled with lots of cozy pillows, soft quilts, books and a few toys.
We try to keep the majority of their toys in the playroom.
So their room is primarily used for sleeping and reading.

 Here's their room!
Lamp base is from Dollar General.
Lamp Shade is from Target a few years ago.
Olive Pillow is from Olive Handmade.
Cardboard Deer Head is from Cardboard Safari.
The rest of the pillows I made.
The quilt is thrifted.
The headboard I found in somebody's trash pile... a few coats of paint and it was as good as new!
The side table I bought at a garage sale for $ has been painted by Colt with finger nail polish ;)
We call this the Ten Dollar Piece when referring to it because
 I found it at an antique store in Missouri for $10.
Somehow I managed to cram it into the back of my Tahoe and brought it home all the way to Texas.
This was obviously before kids.

"Where is the red blanket?"
"Oh it's on the ten dollar piece." 

The orange afghan on the bottom shelf was made by my great grandma.
The little gold pagoda with fiber optic flowers belonged to another great grandma.
I have fond memories of being at her house and sitting 
mesmerized in front of it watching the flowers change colors.
The large chalkboard/picture frame I found in a neighbor's trash.
Some white paint and black chalkboard paint and it was as good as new.
I added a few strands of bakers twine to it for the kids to hang their art on.
The sock monkey was knit by my mom.
Last Christmas she knit each grandchild their own sock monkey.
And the red blankets that are stacked up were also made by her.
I'll have to unfold them sometime to show you guys.
She made each grandchild a special blanket this past Christmas.

 I found the cutest pack of mini clothespins in the T.J. Max checkout!


  1. LOVE this room! I love how much of a mish-mash it looks so cozy and welcoming.


  2. cozy & cute & perfect :) been eyeing that cardboard deer for awhile. do you have to put it together though like urban's? me no likey that part. :P

  3. Oh, Ashley, I just love this room!!! ... Even down to the nail polish! ;) Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love this room! But even more I love how great of friends they are, that is too cute!

  5. Its terrific and thrifty decor too. Score! I hope you will share this post at my hop Hugs!

  6. I love it! It's so bright and happy! Love all the 'trash' you find and make it good as new! That's my favorite thing to do is transform 'junk'! Love this room!

  7. I love the pillows you made, so neat! I wanna learn how to make some...i've been wanting new pillows but they are so darn expensive. For me at least! But I love their room

    Also! My sons name is Colton nickname will be Colt! Since your from Texas I guess you know who Colt Mccoy is, huh? ;)

  8. I love it. My favorite part is the fingernail polished night stand : )

  9. beautiful! I love all the blankets in their room!!

  10. just found your blog and i'm so glad i did!!
    that olive pillow is the cutest. ever.

  11. I love their room! It looks so comfy and...I just love everything about it!

  12. so pretty! I love the olive pillow!