Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thrifty Thoughts- Curtains

You guys!
Last week's round of Thrifty Thoughts was so much fun!!!
There were some GOOD tips!

Some of my favorites...

Steph from Living the Young Life loves to have guests over.
She was in need of more plates so she found exactly what she needed at Goodwill!
My kind of girl:)

Bekka from The Dutch Letter is a single gal (and my little sister...she's awesome:) ).
She loves soup but when she would make a pot most of it would go to waste since it was just her eating it.
She shared her Taco Soup recipe as well as the tip for bagging it up into individual portions and freezing it.

 Amy from He Graces shared her SUPER detailed shopping list.
I loved this!  She broke everything down into a monthly, bi-monthly and 3-6 month list.
Absolutely genius and so organized!
I was so encouraged this past week by each one of you.
I love that while each one of us is different we all are wanting to achieve the same goal.
To be wiser with our money and how we're spending it!

Today I thought I'd talk about curtains.
I love how they can make a room feel complete.
The only problem is they can be super expensive.
My budget for decorating is small.
Honestly I don't even have a budget for it.
Whatever I can save from groceries or other areas is my "decorating budget".

I was wanting some striped curtains in my dining room.
I found a pair of curtains that I loved on Etsy.
Black and white horizontal stripes.
A set of two was $240 plus $18.50 shipping.
That kind of money for curtains is most definitely not and probably will never be in my budget.

Fast forward a few weeks.
I was browsing Urban Outfitters website under their sales.
I came across the exact striped fabric that the curtains were made of.
The only difference was it was green and white stripes. was a duvet cover.

It just so happened that the green and white stripes matched really well with the decor I already had.
And here's the best part.
The duvet cover was on sale for $20! Regularly $79.
I bought the only size they had. Twin Extra Long.

When it arrived I hung it up with clothespins to make sure it would be the correct length.
And it was!
All I did to make it into curtains was cut it in half.
Then stitch up the open sides.
And make a hem at the top for the curtain rod to go through.
Simple and cheap!


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I LOVED Jennifer's idea that she shared!
Doesn't it look cozy and inviting?

"I finally made my coffee bar/station! Instead of buying a new table 
I used a console table we already had! I'm pretty much loving it!"
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  1. Thought I would share some fun DIY baby projects I've been working on getting ready for our newest addition!

  2. Love your "Thrifty Thoughts" theme.

    Wrote a New Post and Linked Up. But . . . somehow put 2 links at the bottom of your post. Sorry!

    Read my New Post to find out how I bought 450 pounds of apples for $25 . . . how I bought 35 pumpkins for $10 . . . how I bought 100 pounds of bananas for $5 . . . and what I actually do with all of that yummy fruit.

    Love your curtains! I have 3 Curtain Projects at home that are on my schedule for next week. You have motivated me.

    :) :) :)

  3. Love, love, love it!! I always make my curtains out of sheets and random fabric. I linked this week with 2 sets of curtains hanging in our house :)

  4. I completely adore those curtains. So cute. Are you doing this link up every Thursday? I need to join next week if so! Love you.

  5. LOVE the curtains! :) Great idea using a duvet. Most of our curtains are made out of sheets!

    I linked up this week. YAY!

    Thanks for hosting, sweet friend! Hope you are feeling great. Baby E will be here before you know it! :)



  6. I really (!!) enjoy seeing people's creative curtain ideas. You are right...curtains are VERY expensive and do not fit into budgets. My mother is very creative with using sheets for curtains. Yours turned out great!! Thanks for making sure we saw the coffee bar idea. I LOVE that!!! Thanks for this link-up. I love getting the wheels turning on how to be thrifty!

  7. I left a comment but I"m afraid I lost it....... oh boo! Well, in a nutshell...LOVE the curtains. Always need curtain ideas because curtains are not budget friendly! And the coffee bar!! GREAT!

    1. You are right Daisy. Curtains play an important role in enhance the interior of the room and sometime light color curtains give us a pleasant feeling

  8. These curtains are so creative, yet simple. Beautiful. I often forget to think outside the box like this, and it is something I'd like to change. I rarely stop to consider those clearance fabric items on my (too frequent) trips to Target, but some of my best home solutions could result from an unexpected item. Great post!

  9. BRILLIANT!!!!! I made drop cloth curtains for our bedroom and love them! They are stripe too. No sewing though...I bought those clips that have the rings on them, so I just clipped them up! Love it!

    I'm not linking up this grandmother suffered a massive stroke on Saturday morning and is unresponsive. She's 96 so this is the end for her. Every night has been spent at the hospital. I'm ready for the Lord to take her but she's holding on tight. Bless her little frail self. It's heartbreaking.

    Anyways, I had to check in. I knew you'd have something good!


  10. Those curtains turned out great! so cute!

  11. That was a really great idea. They look amazing!
    I love striped curtains. Anthropologie had an amazing set that I wanted but lets face it, I'm not EVER going to get them

  12. oh. my. goodness. I just might use your idea! I've been wanting striped curtains for my dining room and I thought I'd have to hand paint them since the fabric is too much. BUT maybe I can find a duvet cover! Brilliant.

  13. cute curtains! :) love your new linky parties! fun to see everyone's ideas!

  14. I thought I would share how I make my yummy and nutritious breakfast ahead of time for my busy schedule!

    Love the curtains!

  15. What a great source of frugal ideas! I really look forward to Thursdays :)

  16. I love thrifty Thursdays! What great and inspiring ideas!

  17. They turned out great!!!!! :) I need to keep my eye out for curtains for the livingroom!!! :)

  18. If I don't find things at thrift stores.....then I search the curbs of my neighbors for their bulk trash (furniture/crown molding/etc) and re-do it to use in our home. You'd be surprised how much a can of paint can change things. The link I posted is something just one thing that I got to "recycle" back in the summer! :) So easy and FREE! xo

  19. My fav link party of the week!! Can't wait to browse all the ideas later! Heading to work first. :-(

  20. This is my first time visiting your blog, and I love it! The duvet curtains are brilliant. :)

    The Late, Young Family