Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Baby Favorites and a Gift Guide

If you've been following the blog long enough you'll already know how much I love handmade!
 And there's nothing I love more than buying handmade for baby gifts (and for my own kids!).

Little Eloise will be here in the next few weeks.
I thought it would be fun to show you a few of my absolute 
FAVORITE handmade shops specifically for little ones!

Since she's baby number four I have a fairly good idea of what items I use the most of and what I needed.
I knew I wanted a few nice blankets, a few nicer outfits and a cozy hat.
I've covered all these bases below!

I would love to know what some of your favorite handmade shops are for baby?
Leave the shop name in the comments below.
I'd love to check them out!

Happy Nesting and Happy Shopping :)


-Make sure to check back on Thursday... several of these shops plus a few more will be joining up with me to have a HUGE baby gift GIVEAWAY! It's going to be good -

I have this sweet little elephant propped up in the corner of her bassinet.
I love that it's her first stuffed animal :)
Rabbitsmoon shop is FULL of precious and unique stuffed animals and pillows!

I love being able to swaddle my babies in soft blankets.
Little Hip Squeak's blankets are PERFECT for swaddling.
Not to mention I'm in love with the customization :)
I absolutely ADORE Amy's shop!
She carries blankets, customized blankets, burp clothes, baby hats, bibs and more.

Since Eloise will be born in what can be Texas' chilliest month I knew I wanted a soft knit blanket.
This beige and white striped blanket from Pavla Knits is incredible!
The perfect amount of thickness and softness.

 I've covered my favorite swaddling blanket and my favorite knit blanket.
And now for my favorite lounging/cuddling blanket!
I love that one side is made of soft minky.
It's the perfect size for Eloise to lay on top of.
And it's also the perfect weight to cuddle her in when I'm 
wanting a little something more than a swaddle blanket.

These burp rags from The Posh Pea Boutique are perfection!
They're shaped to cradle around your neck (or your babies).
The other thing I love about them (besides how cute they are!) is that one side is a soft chenille fabric.
Love that I can wipe Eloise's little face and not have to worry about using a rough fabric.
I'm telling can't go wrong buying these!

Oh my...where to even begin with this little outfit! :)
It is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen!
Krissa's shop is FULL of precious little outfits like this one.
The outfit is soft and beautifully made.
I think the mustard ruffles and little lace detailing are my favorite!
Incredibly SOFT.
That's this little outfit in a nutshell!
I am dying to put Eloise in this little outfit!
I'm super picky about what I put my newborns in.
Nothing scratchy or rough.
This outfit is anything but!
The beautiful color and pattern are the cherry on top!
I was wanting a special outfit for Eloise to wear when she met her brother's and sister.
Does it get any cuter than this!?
This little gown and hat from Lippy Brand are beautifully made!
And...of course they're super soft;)
Head over to their will start drooling over the beautiful and unique little outfits!

I was wanting a fun little hat for Eloise to wear while we're out and about.
How precious is this little turban hat!?!
It's super soft and beautifully made!
Little Loves Designs also carries other hats as well as precious headbands.


  1. How precious are all of these? Makes me crazy to think how quickly my little grew out of her itty bitty outfits.

  2. Wow, all of this stuff is adorable!
    Being pregnant myself, with a girl, I am really looking forward to the giveaway on Thursday!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. these pieces are so beautiful! my favorites are the elephant and the gorgeous melon-colored personalized swaddling blanket! Eloise is a lucky girl :)

  4. The little outfits are soooo adorable!!!! They so beautiful and sold! I too am a lover of all things handmade!!!!

  5. I love everything! This could be trouble :)

  6. just checked out all those adorable stores. Im expecting a baby girl in March. Thanks for sharing this, i have to do some shopping now :)

  7. Well! Now you make me want to have a baby! And a girl at that! I always said I want a house full of boys, but these little sweet outfits might make me want a girl! These items are so cute! What great little things! I'm going to have to check them out! My SIL is PG with her first!!! ;) Can't wait to buy for him/her!

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  9. Those outfits just LOOK super soft. I can only imagine how soft they really are. I may need to pick one up for our little one...