Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hospital Must Haves

I thought I'd share with you what's in my suitcase packed and ready for the hospital.
I know each woman is different on what she prefers to wear in the hospital.
I do love a good hospital gown but I also like to put on somewhat normal comfy clothes.
My rules...everything must be soft and loose.
Because heaven knows the last thing I want on my body is something tight and restrictive.

Here's what I've got for this hospital trip:

-Black Sweatpants/Yoga Pants: The looser and softer the better.
I always stock up on several pairs of these.

-Soft Cardigans: I have a few cardigans packed...nothing fancy. One is a jersey material and the other is a soft knit.  Sometimes hospital rooms can be a bit chilly and I love having something to easily slip on.

-V Neck Tshirts: There's something comforting about a soft v-neck t shirt! Just like the pants...the looser and softer the better.

-Comfy Socks: I always like to buy myself a new pack of socks for the hospital.  Something about putting on a new pair of socks always makes me feel like a new woman!

-Slippers: Whenever I walk around my hospital room I always like to have a pair
of slippers to easily step into. It helps to keep the bottom of
my socks clean on my trips to and from the bathroom.

-Faux Diamond Studs: Just a little bling to make me feel somewhat put together;)

Hospital Pack List

I also like to splurge on a fun new shampoo, conditioner and body wash.
That first shower after you've given birth always feels like heaven.
And new bath products make that little slice of heaven that much better!
 I always bring my own bath towels too.
The little comforts of home can make the hospital not seem so sterile and cold :)

And my last hospital must have is that I bring my own pillow as well as a fresh pillow case for every night.
Nothing better!!! :)

What are some of your favorite things to bring to the hospital for yourself when you have babies?!

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  1. So you are going to look way too cute after giving birth...what the heck;)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I always find these types of posts really interesting. Have you had good birth experiences with your other children?

  3. your hospital list is my normal daily attire! I love everything you chose! I am so excited to get a glimpse of your sweet new tiny!

  4. Comfy socks and my own pillow are tops on my list of must haves at the hospital when having a baby. A playlist of calming music on my iPad is also really nice to have in the hospital room.

  5. Thanks for the tips :) I can't wait to start packing my hospital bag. Heading over to enter the giveaway! This new momma would love to win :)

  6. Great tips! I must admit Im such a Mess in this department! I an always so eager to get out of there that I never really being anything but I think your right about just a few simple small things making you feel special or fresh or rested. Great ideas! Maybe I'll a couple this go round:)

  7. Clever ideas! Slices of lime or lemon to pop in your water are lovely.x

  8. I loved your pack-list! Inspired to work on my own now. :) I always think (over-think) about what to pack for baby and end of with a few items that are a little on the schlepp-y side. Not cute at all. I especially love the fresh pillowcase each night...nothing like it! :)

  9. I almost had the exact list! And I totally agree that the first shower after may be one of the most glorious experiences ever. Eeee! I'm so excited for you!!!!