Sunday, January 27, 2013

Group Sponsor Post

Today I would like to introduce you to some of my blog sponsors!
You can find their ads to the left of the blog.
They are a FANTASTIC group of women!!!
I thought it would be fun for you to get to know them a little better.
I asked them to share three random things with you.
Long or short.
Make sure to check out their blogs once you've read their answers!
Happy Sunday!
1) Ok this is pretty obvious to the majority of my friends and if you live near me then you already know this. I LOVE to Purchase with Purpose. It is probably one of my most favorite things. It can be anything...T-shirts, Hats, Necklaces, Bracelets, Shoes, Bags, Headbands, Baskets, Wine.... You get the picture. I am a sucker for all things cute that give back. That have a purpose behind it. A purpose bigger then boosting the economy through mass produced clothing and accessories that the big department stores carry. 85% of my closet is filled with these items. And if it is your birthday or something you better count on receiving something Fair Trade. Something that has a STORY behind it. I Love it! To find out about some of my favorite places to Purchase with Purpose visit this post here.
2) I am an introvert. Not around my friends really. But in groups of more then three. I get really awkward and sweaty. When it is my turn to talk in a group, whether it be life group, a dinner party or just a large get together, I instantly get hot and start sweating and I forget EVERYTHING. I cant speak normal and I forget all my words. Its embarrassing really. I love to travel alone, eat alone and shop alone. Which is extremely difficult with a house full of people. When I tag along on my husbands business trips one of my favorites things to do is walk around the city (Chicago, NYC, SanFran) alone. I love it! Its peaceful and so relaxing. My extrovert friends don't get me. I love the quiet and noise gives me anxiety. Which is weird because I have boys! HA!
3) I love to paint and do crafts. It is like the best and cheapest therapy around. I love the feeling of accomplishment when you sit back and can say "Yeah...I did that!" and actually be really proud of your hard work. I am a craft supply junky. I have tons and tons of yarn (I am learning to crochet and I am LOVING it), I have paint coming out of my ears and I have a stock pile of stamps. Stamps are my newest obsession. Who knew you could do so much with stamps! We are created in God's image. Our creature. He is so creative. When I look around at all the different kinds of people, plants, animals and other living things I am always in awe of His vast amount of creativity. Since we are created in our creators image I feel like we all have that shared sense of accomplishment when we have completed something we have created. Ya know. I love it.
1. I'm left handed, but can do a lot of things with my right.
2. I have an 18 month old son whom I absolutely adore and get the privilege of staying home with husband is a high school head football coach
 1.I love to read but hardly do anymore. I need to change that.
 I eat ice cream with a fork. Spoons weird me out.
2. I have an addiction to buying new journals and notebooks.
3.I have lot's of blank or half filled journals because I find a new one I love and move on to it before finishing the one before. I need to change that too.
1.I only dated my husband six months before he proposed and then got married four months later and will be celebrating our ten year anniversary this May!
2.I hate milk. Like it grosses me out to even talk about it so moving on. I receive grace upon grace daily by a God who is so good, even though I'm underserving but I'm thankful, I have a grateful heart.
 1. i love peanut butter turkey sandwiches.
 2. im a mama to 3 little ones.
3. i am terrified of rollercoasters.


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