Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Listening to: A mix between Kari Jobe Pandora Station and Shania Twain Pandora Station. 
A good combo;)
Planning:Oh my. Planning everything?!? I'm in full nest mode over here.

Wishing: For a baby delivery sooner than later! 
Thinking About: What we're going to have for supper. I'm leaning towards breakfast for supper. 
Pancakes and eggs!
Craving: Chinese!  Specifically Crab Rangoon (or cream cheese wontons)
 with that red sauce to dip them in.
Looking forward to: Being a mom to four little ones!!!

Smelling: A mix of Creme Brulee candle and Gain laundry detergent (it's laundry day).
Working on: Decluttering and organizing closets ONE last time before Eloise gets here.  I think I've gone through them two times already. But I keep coming across more "stuff" that needs to be donated or thrown away. Less...is...best.
Watching: Downton Abbey Season 2! Are you into this show? If not I HIGHLY recommend it!

Feeling: Little Eloise's heel poking out of my right side.  :)
Making me happy: Life in general right now.  This time leading up to a new little person is always one of my favorites!  The preparation and anticipation...nothing beats it!


  1. Ohhhh we love Kari Jobe and jam out on weekends to her new CD!!! She is from our church. In fact, I went to our PINK night last Thursday where she was supposed to be the main speaker but our "elders" are making her go on a 4 month sabbatical since she traveled almost 280 days out of last year! We love her so much! Great choice of music, friend! :) xoxo

  2. You are a month ahead of me in your pregnancy and I am feeling the same way! It's such a fun time!!

  3. Love the belly picture! So cute!

  4. Love the belly picture! So cute!

  5. We have that little fox folding chair from Target too! My son will stand there and unfold it, climb into it, out of it and fold it back up over and over a thousand times.

    Your little ones are so sweet sleeing together like that!

  6. I'm with you on decluttering---I feel like that is all I do as baby #3 is coming in a couple months! Hang in there in the last stages of pregnancy---four little ones, you are one brave mom!


  7. I love that your listening to a mix up between kari jobe and shania twain, this is simply fabulous! :)

    xo, Courtney

  8. Living simply is a pleasure...and one I have newly discovered. Every time I think I've decluttered, I find another round of 'stuff' that needs to move on (and out of our house!). I've been meaning to watch Downtown Abbey but thought I might be too behind to catch up. I would love to know what I'm missing!

  9. I did a "currently" post today too! Great minds think alike? :)

  10. I just started Season 2 of DA as well! So fun! Love you!

  11. What a cute belly! I also just finished season 2 of downton... OBSESSED!

  12. great post! beautiful pictures :) xo

  13. Cute post Ash! So exited for you and this new baby!! I hope delivery goes smooth and fast! By the way all the tips you gave me were great when i delivered Nash. :) I so appreciated that! Looking forward to all the new pics to come with the four little ones together!

  14. I am sure you are getting anxious!! Cant wait! Prayers for you all!

  15. Love your blog, you are so positive and just adorable! And thanks to this post I can now also add crab rangoons with the red sauce to my LONG list of pregnancy cravings! I will be eating them at some point tomorrow :)