Thursday, December 27, 2012


This week of Christmas has been lovely.
Time spent with family...a day time date with Travis...a lunch date with a friend.
It's been restful.
I'm going to carry that restfulness on through this next week.
We're headed back home soon and I'm going to be spending the week preparing for the new year.
January is going to be a good month.
Emma's 5th birthday, Eloise possibly being born and a new blog revamp to name a few.
I'm excited for the upcoming change :)
In case you missed my advertising post you can find it here.
I would love to help you promote your blog or shop with the start of the new year!
All prices and details are listed in the post.
E-mail me at thevanillatulip(at)yahoo(dot)com to reserve your spot!
Enjoy the last bit of your December...
be back soon!


  1. I hope you have a safe trip back and a nice little rest! I'm excited to see the new changes to your blog:) and VERY excited about your guest post!!! xoxo H

  2. Merry Christmas happy new year lady :-)