Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Decorating for Christmas this year has been fun and a little bit different.
I left most of our decorations packed in their boxes.
I've learned the hard way that if I get out my special ornaments
 they more than likely will be broken by curious little hands.
So instead of stressing this year I bought a big box of shatterproof ornaments
and let the kids live it up decorating!
One of the best things I've ever done.
Stress free mama and happy little decorators

One of my favorite Christmas decorations to put out are our stockings.
It's a family tradition to have a hand-made/beaded stocking.
Growing up we all had one.
My mom made mine and Cade's.
I made Emma's.
And my little sister made Colt's.
Sweet Trav's is not like ours...
I'm thinking I need to fix that this year;)

What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations that you use?
If you have a Christmas decoration post add it to the comments!
I'd love to see!

Happy Tuesday friends!
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  1. stinkin CUTE.
    your mantle.
    i want it allllllll.


  2. Love love love colorful Christmas decor! Gorgeous! The cute kids don't hurt either. :)

  3. Everything looks beautiful Ashley!!! I also don't have many decorations on our tree!! They are all crammed at the top. I don't worry about it too much! Too Manu babies:) lol!!! There will be tine later to have everything perfect!!!

  4. I love Christmas, I have a couple handmade decorations...I keep promising myself I'll do a Christmas crafts post so I can show off my DIY decorations better. But here's my post with some of our decorations. I love our Disney stockings, our dog even has a Pluto stocking all to herself.


  5. I am loving the bright colors in your decorations!!! What a great twist on a classic!! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  6. Loving all of these Christmas decorations! Love Nat the Fat Rat :)
    xo TJ

  7. Lovely! Where have you found stocking patterns/kits? I wanted to make similar ones when we were first married, but couldn't find any at JoAnn's etc. that were nicely beaded like the ones I remembered growing up with. Here's a little tour of our Christmas decorations...

    1. I found all of the kids' stockings online on the Joanne's website! The best time to buy is right after Christmas or with your 50% off coupon!

  8. I totally understand the shatterproof ornaments!
    This is my first year with a little and within minutes of tree set up she was scampering after my special ornaments.
    So much easier to put up generic shatterproof ornaments :)
    I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog.

  9. I am pinning that ornaments in a cake stand pic!!!!!!!!!

  10. i love that tree skirt! where is it from??
    and that mantle...love it.

    i absolutely loooove decorating for christmas!
    here's my christmas decorations post:

  11. I will be posting mine in a few days! I love your decor! So merry and bright. :)

  12. Your blog is darling. xoxoxo! Natalie PS. Thanks for the Twitter follow. :) Your entered into the "win something rad" lottery. ;) Ha!

  13. I need Ornaments that stay on the tree permanantly. None have been broken ( so far) but my 13 month old loves to take them off the tree. ;)

  14. I think it's so smart to do anything to eliminate stress during the holidays and add enjoyment for your family!!!

    Your decor is beautiful. I love those stockings. Can you believe I still haven't gotten our Sweet Annalee one? I really need to do that ASAP

  15. I love all your Christmas decorations! We have shatterproof ornaments too, and I'm so glad because my son will not leave them alone and this way I don't have to worry about it!

  16. Thanks for linking up sweet friend! Oh and those felt stockings are killing me. I have the same one at my moms house! She made us each one and I haven't been able to find kits anywhere to make my own for my family! Where did you get yours?

  17. your stockings are awesome!!! I love them so much! and your tree is fantastic!
    Helene in Between

  18. HAPPY Holidays! I have those same type of stockings that my mom made for me and my sis and then our kids!!