Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bits + Pieces

Bits and Pieces of our week...

--Routine sonogram checking in on our Eloise Claire.  Everything looks right on track!
--31 weeks
--Silly little boy who should have been napping but was caught trying on his sister's pajama pants and jumping on the bed. Love him :)
--Princess hair

--After naptime chips and salsa while bird watching.  We have a cardinal couple who live right outside our dining room window. I love it!
--Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Brought to me during naptime by my sweet husband.  Heavenly.
--Advent Calendar
--The sweetest taste-tester EVER


  1. Love this! True life. Nothing beats it!!! You look absolutely fantastic by the way! I've already gained 40 pounds:( blarg did you get me email this time around??? I hope I sent it!! Blessing to you tonight Ashley:)

  2. LOVE the name you chose for your baby sweet!

  3. That bed and your pregnant belly are two of my favorite things. xoxo

  4. your room looks dreamy.
    LOVE the name eloise. love, love.
    i miss my baby belly. yours is the sweetest!

  5. I adore your beautiful blog & heart, girl :) You're such a blessing and inspiration!!