Thursday, December 20, 2012


Happy Birthday to the love of my life!
I can't imagine my life without him.
He is so good to our family.
He has the kindest heart of any man I know.
He loves his babies more than anything.
He treats me like a queen even when I don't deserve it.
He had to work today but was able to come home for lunch.
The kids and I spent the morning preparing for our "party".
This was the first year where they were big enough to help.
It was so much fun seeing them get so excited!
We made cards, wrapped presents, blew up balloons and set out party hats.
We surprised him by picking up his favorite barbeque to eat at home.
We spent his birthday evening at our coach's Christmas party.
It was the perfect way to end his birthday.
Mexican food, Christmas cookies, festive sweaters, great visiting and fun games.
Happy Birthday sweet Travis :)
We love you!


  1. Ashley, you need to do a hair tutorial post some day...I envy your bangs!
    Happy birthday to Travis...what a fun birthday lunch surprise for him! :)

  2. Happy thirtieth birthday to your husband! It looks like y'all had a good party!

  3. OMG you all are so stinkin cute! I love how you had a party and the kids were able to help! Incredibly sweet :)

    Merry Christmas to y'all

  4. OMG, you all are so stinkin cute! I love how the kids helped with the party and you could see the anticipation on their little faces while they waited for their favorite guy to come home! Thanks so much for sharing the sweet parts of your life with all of us!

    Merry Christmas y'all!

  5. Your sweet words ring true, he is indeed an amazing man, father and husband. I'm so glad he has you at his side to encourage and love him. Please give him a special hug from Aunt Marsha.

  6. what a cute picture of you guys! happy birthday to travis...looks like he had a pretty fabulous day!

  7. You have a beautiful family! Love seeing pictures and hearing about your life experiences. :) Congrats on your soon to be here sweet baby girl! P.S. Love the Christmas sweaters!!