Thursday, November 29, 2012

Grand Scheme

Everyone is sound asleep over here.
The babes tucked into their beds...
Travis asleep next to me on the couch in his usual spot...
the Christmas trees are glowing.
This week has been a hard one.
Our little house has had a rough month of sickness.
It's been one thing after another.
Stomach bugs, fevers, colds.
This week was my turn to be hit with a fever/cold that the kids had been battling.
And it's been tough.
What energy I had left disappeared.
Which means my house is a disaster.
I woke up this morning feeling so discouraged.
I lay in bed thinking about everything that needed to get done in addition to loving on the babes.
Laundry to put away, tons of dishes to do, a house to tidy.
The list that is already a feat to get done while feeling 100%
might as well have been someone asking me to climb Mount Everest.
And I lay there feeling guilty.
Guilty that I didn't feel well enough to get my chores done.
Guilty that I wasn't doing the fun holiday crafts I had planned this week with the kids.
Guilty that they have really just been entertaining themselves all week.
That darn mom guilt gets me every time.
I read a blog the other day where the writer said she "doesn't do mom-guilt".
I wish I could say the same.
I'm not sure how to "un-do" the guilt.
Ya know?
Right as I was wallowing in my mom-guilt in bed I was immediately brought back to reality by three little people all waking up at the same time.
And our day began.
And then my mom called.
And said to pray.
Pray for a friend of the family who was being induced today with her second.
The dr.'s have been saying since she was 20 weeks along that their son had severe birth defects.
They were told to prepare for the worst when he was born.
That he may not make it.
And just like that my reality of dirty dishes and laundry piles didn't even matter.
I'm sure that our friend would have given ANYTHING to have been told that their little guy looked perfectly healthy in the womb.
In the grand scheme of things...
my week of having a runny nose and fever...
of having a load of chores that seems never ending...
doesn't matter.
My babies are healthy.
My husband is healthy.
We are so blessed.
Now for the best part of the story.
We prayed.
And prayed.
All day.
That the Lord would provide a miracle with this little guy.
And guess what:)
He did.
The little boy was born PERFECTLY HEALTHY this evening.
The little boy who should be on life support.
Our God is a God of miracles.
And one happened tonight.
I am beyond grateful to serve a God who cares about us.
A God who STILL performs miracles.
I've written it before and I'll write it again and again...
if you're not sure about the God that I'm talking about I'd love to share the Good News with you.
Seriously... e-mail me...
thevanillatulip (at) yahoo (dot) com
I would love to share with you about the God that has changed my life.
Hope your Thursday has been good...
thankful for each one of you!


  1. i am sorry you've been sick, so hard on us mamas!
    praising jesus with you tonight, he is mighty! yay babies!!


  2. Praise God! What an incredible miracle, an amazing testimony!

  3. He is so so good, isn't He!! You know...reading posts like this one is what helped me realize that every single mom out there has rough days (and weeks!). It's kind of a relief for me to see the mountain of laundry and the rug that needs to be vacuumed again, and know that it is actually quite normal. I've learned to let go because no matter how I feel about it, the laundry still seems to pile up ;) So I do the best that I can day to day and I try with all my might to cherish the little things...because they are actually the biggest most amazing things of all!!

    You are an awesome woman and I see Him in you...and we've never even met!! I hope everyone is on the mend very soon!

  4. Praise God! I had tears come to my eyes as I read about this, the healthy baby boy!

  5. This is lovely and honest. Blessed to have read this and blessed with the reminder that our God is big. So so big and in control. Thank you!

  6. So awesome! Praise Jesus. And the mom guilt... It's a s!upid stupid thing that I wish we could turn off. Hang in there_

  7. Oh my goodness. Praise God! I can relate to your story, and then was completely overwhelmed by tears for your friend, and then...a miracle! What a great day for us and for that family. Praise the Lord!

  8. Absolutely inspiring post! Thank you so much for the enocouragement! God is good!

    I can relate with trying to get over a cold for weeks now, that my pregnant body just can't seem to kick!
    I hope your weekend looks up for you! :)

  9. Wow! Praises all around!

    Thank you for the inspiration this morning....just clicking through from instafriday link up. :o)


  10. Oh, yes! I know about the "just born" baby. I was fervently praying yesterday just before he was born, petitioning God, for a healthy child. When I go the e-mail - "HEALTHY BABY" my heart was full and thankful. It is hard to put into words that "heartful"! Giving thanks to God for this true miracle! (which even doctors cannot deny. Love ya - Grandma PS you'll get caught up. We always do!

  11. Ashley,
    This post was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I was thrilled to read that your family friend had a healthy baby after expecting the worst. God is GREAT!! The "mom guilt" is normal and you will get it again, it's just something that we mom's deal with always. Don't be too hard on yourself, we all get down and our work and chores pile up. Enjoy the important things in life, enjoy your blessings! The chore can't and will still be there waiting. Have a good day! Kathy

  12. Love hearing stories about the power of prayer and the power of the Lord we serve! Hoping you all feel better soon!! XO!!

  13. God bless you and don't be so hard on yourself- you are doing a great job (Holly from Pink Lady

  14. hooooooly moly. that story sent chills down my spine...what an incredible God we have!
    oh, and you're so right, it's hard to feel bogged down by the things going on in our lives, but the moment we step back and take a look at the bigger picture...and truly see all of our's not so bad after all.
    happy weekend, friend.

  15. Love this post! Oh the mom guilt. It's an ugly thing that the devil tries to put on my heart, too. It's kinda like rocking in a rocking keeps you busy (with guilt) but it gets you nowhere. So it's just not worth my time. If I ever feel guilty, I just remember that it's not God putting that feeling there. :)

    And I couldn't help but shed a tear about your friend and her baby. Our God is a God of miracles, indeed!! xo

  16. Praise God!! I LOVE hearing stories like this...just a reminder of God's amazing love and mercy and grace. Thanks for sharing!