Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Few Thankfuls

A few "Thankfuls" from my week...
-I'm thankful for healthy babies. Like truly HEALTHY babies. Forget the stomach bug or runny noses.  That stuff is no biggie and will in time go away.  Thankful for their healthy little bodies.
-I'm thankful for the Mount Everest sized pile of laundry sitting on my bedroom floor right now that is begging to be folded.  Thankful for the bodies that have worn the clothes.  Thankful for the means in which to purchase the clothes. And thankful for a cozy home in which to store the clothes.
-I'm thankful for footie pajamas on little people.  The end. It's just plain cute.
-I'm thankful for my growing belly and the little miracle inside.
Even if she's making all of my clothes quickly shrink in size :)

And totally random:
But I came across this picture of Travis as a little boy this week.
Umm...hello tiny little Colt and Cade.
I'd say they're related huh?

Make sure to check back tomorrow....
there will be a $50 giveaway to Shabby Apple!
LOVE their clothes!


  1. Wow, if I didn't know better, I'd think that pic of Travis is one of your boys!!

  2. Wonderful thankful list! I love your reasons for being thankful for laundry. We often get overwhelmed by the small stuff and forget to be thankful for the blessings behind them. Great reminder!

  3. oh my goodness...they look identical!

    & yes, I love footie pajamas on Elyse! so precious!

  4. I think all three of your babies look just like your husband. Maybe little Elouise will look like you :)