Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tee-Pee+6 Years+Bug

Last weekend I had the itch to make a tee-pee for the kids while they were napping.
I just used what I had on hand at the house.
4 curtain rods, some canvas material, bakers twine and a sheet.
I think it turned out pretty good for just winging it!
After football season I'm going to have Travis help me make a super big one for the kids' room.
This one is fun... but not quite big enough for all three kids to play in.

Sunday was our six year wedding anniversary.
In some ways it feels like we've been married alot longer!
Lots of changes...lots of babies added...
but one thing is for sure... I love him more today than I ever knew possible!
He is SO good to me.
I love living life with you Travis!
Happy six years!!!
Here's to 70 more;)
We went out for dinner as a family to Dairy Queen.
My request:)
We don't go on an "official" anniversary date until after football season.
Just kind of how we've always done it!
Then Sunday night we watched a movie and ate pie after the babies were tucked into bed.
Those are my favorite kind of dates.

We started our Tuesday off with fevers and then a stomach bug.
I knew Colt didn't feel good when I found him curled up in the teepee sleeping.
The past two days have been filled with lots of snuggles, Sprite and hot baths.
And last but not least.
Since I'm posting phone pics.
This is the cowl from yesterday's post.
I wore it with one of Trav's plaid shirts, skinny jeans and boots.
I seriously could wear it every day!
So if you live in my town...please excuse the fact that you'll be seeing me wear it ALL winter long:)

Hope your Wednesday is great!!!


And before I forget!
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  1. you are precious, I just love following your blog. That is all

  2. I love that cowel. I have 2 similar ones that i ADORE! I love that TEE PEE. ANd woman your crazy. I sleep when my kids are slepping. sheesh! Happy AnniversaRY. We never get any dates either. awww, such is life with loads of kids

  3. get better sweet family!
    happy anniversary!
    how do you get the tee pee to stay standing up? and the fabric to stay on?
    you are so crafty/creative :)

    also i need that cowl.
    like i really do.

  4. The teepee is so adorable! And happy anniversary!

  5. That tee-pee is fabulous! I want one at our new house! I LOVE IT!

    Sorry y'all had the bug! That is NO FUN!!!! Hope y'all are all feeling better!

    Love that mustard cowl! I might have to whip me up one soon! ;)

  6. LOVE your scarf. I have a mustard yellow one that I wear all the time. Hope your babies are feeling better! xoxo