Tuesday, October 16, 2012


 We've been going and going the past few weeks.
And today it caught up with me.
I put all the kids down for naps at 1:30 and laid down with them.
I didn't wake up until 4:30 and everyone was still sleeping.
I guess it caught up with all of us!
Napping or even sitting down for me is hard.
Not because I don't like to.
I love to sleep.
I love to just sit and do nothing :)
But that mom-guilt pops in.
The one where my to-do list is telling me I've got a million other things to do than rest.
There's a kitchen to be tidied.
Boxes to be unpacked.
Six loads of laundry to be folded.
A budget to be worked on.
People to e-mail back.
The list goes on and on.
What I always have to remind myself is that I'm a much better mom and wife when I rest.
What good is a spotless home and a checked off to-do list if I'm exhausted, fussy and short-tempered.
So today...
today my to-do list is not even close to be checked off.
And I have a date with six loads of laundry that needs to be folded and put away tonight.
But I'm feeling like a more patient mom and wife to my family.
I'd say that trumps any old to-do list:)
Does anyone else struggle with this?!

And just a quick side note.
I've started doing a little blogging for the Family Dollar website.
You can find my articles here!


  1. Ash I love this!!! At this point in my life it seems that I feel guilty about sitting and reading which fills my cup in so many ways!! Bible study or a blog whatever it is there is resting involved and I need to just DO IT!!! I read your family dollar blogs they are great!!! Congrats to get the opportunity!!

  2. I feel like this all the time. I never nap because I have so much I need to get done,but then I am so tired at the end of the day. I love when my house is put together and I get caught up on things,but I am a grumpy mommy when I am tired. I think rest makes me a better mommy and I can focus more on them, which is the important part. How did you get the family dollar oppurtunity? I am also looking for things like that to do.

  3. Yes! But especially being pregnant, I tell myself I owe it to myself and the baby to rest while my one year old rests! ;) That is AMAZING that ALL three of them stayed asleep that long! I would think that would be virtually impossible! What a gift of rest you were given!

  4. you needed your rest that's for sure!
    and i totally agree with you.. a clean and organized house means nothing if you are running around stressed out and frazzled most of the time.
    and it's not going anywhere, it'll all be there tomorrow :)

  5. do i struggle with this?
    um. to-ta-lly.

    rest my sweet friend!
    love you.

  6. I agree...I took a nap with my baby while the other 2 were at school! Today I didn't get a lot accomplished but I do feel so much better! {only problem is now...having trouble going to sleep since I slept in the day!}

  7. I have those same guilty thoughts but you have totally encouraged me to rest! Its the best for everyone involved;)

  8. Good for you, my friend!!
    And your babies look like angels when they sleep

  9. Glad you got some well deserved rest! :) I definitely struggle with that, when there's things to be done I'm all business and unfortunately it distracts from the truly important things! P.s. love the deer head, I've been eyeing one like it on etsy, they're too cute!

  10. Your kids are beautiful. try to take it easy mama. but I totally know what your talking about though when I'm pregnant I want to fix and have everything just right and clean:)

  11. You are so right. We are better mommas and wives when we take some time for ourselves to rest and recharge. I took a two hour nap yesterday and it felt wonderful. :)

  12. I slept while Elyse napped today as well...I could have done so many other things, but a nap is what I wanted so a nap is what I did! However, that doesn't mean that the messy kitchen & load of laundry didn't haunt me in my dreams! ha!

  13. Completely agree. Some nights I go to bed a few hours later than I'd like to, and the twinge of "I know better" hits me when I tuck in deep under the covers. Rest is so very important, and definitely affects my mood.

  14. I love sleep. your blog is cute. Enough said.

  15. yep, pretty much all the time. but time away alone, rest and date nights(even at home after the kids are in bed) are all a must to keep my sanity!

  16. I totally struggle with this! This only day I can rest is Saturday and Sunday, but there is SO MUCH I NEED TO DO during nap time. But rest is so good! I took a good ole nap yesterday and it felt so good!!!! BUT THEN I was wide awake at midnight! Ahhhh!!! :)