Tuesday, October 30, 2012

November Advertising+Favorites

If you have a blog you would like to promote I would love to have you for the month of November!
I am offering one size (200x150) at an inexpensive rate.
E-mail me at thevanillatulip (at) yahoo (dot) com for more info!

I love handmade.
I love supporting the people behind handmade.
If you haven't checked out the Holiday Gift Bazaar make sure you do!
There are over 40+ plus shops.
And I'm not kidding when I say that each one is divine!
I thought it would be fun to highlight my favorite item from each shop over the next few months.
I've added a link as well as pricing for each item.
Let's support Handmade this Holiday season!

*I have one of Little Green Thread's Fold Over Clutches.
I absolutely adore it!
It's incredibly well made and is such a cute accessory.
I'll show you the one I have in a later post!*
*I have this exact cowl and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
Super soft and the color is absolutely perfect!*
French Press Morning's Praise God Print
*I had a hard time picking my favorite print from French Press Morning's shop.
They're all incredible!
It was a tie between this print and her "tee-pee" prints.
I ended up picking this print... the Doxology Hymn is one of my favorites!*
*I gave my sister a similar scarf from Eclectic Joy's shop.
It took everything in me not to keep it for myself... so adorable!*
A Flair for Button's Days of the Week Banner's Flair
*I love this shop! These buttons would be the perfect stocking stuffer!*


  1. I think every woman on my list is getting a fold over clutch! I'm buying all handmade this year for Christmas!!!!! YIPPEE! Thank you!!!!

  2. why have you stopped blogging regularly?