Thursday, October 11, 2012


Just a few pictures captured this week using my phone...
*Movie nights after bath time.
I rented Charlotte's Web for the kids (the old cartoon).
The kids LOVED it!
Templeton the rat is their favorite character.
Colt does a pretty stellar impression of him:)*

*My sweet friend Kristin brought by homemade bread and honey butter it and her!*
*Cade always seems to find me and beg for a drink when it's my last sip of Dr. Pepper.
Anything for this sweet face! *
*Living in town there's always something or somebody to watch out the window*
*I love the knobs in our tub...originals!*
*Coffee doesn't get much easier than this.
Thankyou Keurig and tiny Coffeemate creamers!
My favorite part of the morning:)

How has your week been?
Big plans for the weekend!?



  1. Such "real" pictures. Love these. Adorable blog!

  2. Looks like a fun movie night! And that home-made bread looks amazing. I always PLAN on baking bread, but it rarely seems to happen. My little guy is 16 months tomorrow - I can't wait till I have a house full like you do!!

  3. Hi Ashley - So glad you are all moved. From what I can see it is lovely. Boy, your little "flock" is so precious and growing so nicely. Have a wonderful day! Love - grandma

  4. My husby and I watched Charlotte's Web on Tuesday night. I cried! Such a sweet, sweet movie.

  5. love that picture of your babes on the couch...too cute!

  6. I'm glad y'all are getting settled! A new house is so much fun! I can't wait to eventually be in ours! Not soon enough!

    I used to LOVE Charlottes Web. We need to rent that for Easton! I bet he'd love it!

  7. Your new place looks so cute, can't wait for a full tour!? I love all those little details of an old house. My little guys always steals the last of my Dr. Pepper too, what's with that?!

  8. It looks like you've had a good week. I love those little coffee mate creamers too!

  9. Those knobs are so cute!

    I found your blog via the linkup on Life Rearranged!

    Little Miss Wanderlust

  10. Your cute bump in that last pic! Kills me! You are too adorable.
    And you house looks like it is all coming together! It is so stressful to move but so fun to set everything back up again right??
    And arent Keurigs the best ever?? Soo easy!