Thursday, October 4, 2012

Holiday Gift Bazaar 2012

The Holiday Gift Bazaar is LIVE!
Over 40 fabulous shops for you to choose from!
Each shop is unique in what they have to offer.
The shops are listed in alphabetical order.
The Holiday Gift Bazaar will be up until December 31st.
to head on over!

I would love it if you would help to spread the word about the Bazaar.
Share it on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc.
Help me in supporting these handmade shops this Holiday season!


The Vanilla Tulip

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  1. I always make it a point to drop by any bazaar I hear of. There may be a lot of people, but the deals to be made are just too good to pass up. At the most recent one I went to, I was able to get my kids some cute little tee pees for a pretty good price.