Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Wedding

This weekend we snuck away for a special wedding.
Trav's sister got married!
Our whole family was in the wedding.
Travis was a groomsman, I was a bridesmaid, Emma a flower girl and the boys were ring bearers.
The kids and I went early for the rehearsal on Friday
 and Travis joined us on Saturday for the wedding.
There's no missing Friday night football games :)
(our team had another win! 7 and 0!)
The location was absolutely beautiful.
In the Texas hill country...down by Austin.
Katy the bride looked absolutely stunning.
My favorite part of her outfit was her veil.
It was the same veil her mom had worn when she was married.
I was so proud of the kids on this trip.
They did SO good!
Happy and easy-going.
They loved spending time with their cousins who are almost the same ages.
And now we're back home.
Kids are tucked into bed...
laundry is going...
and I'm making making my to-do lists for the week.
Here's to a new week!
How was your weekend?!


  1. Precious little fam!

    And you are so right...that veil is incredible!

  2. Wow! You look stunning! I love the black dresses for a wedding. It looks so timeless and elegant.

  3. you have a beautiful family! and what a gorgeous bride too!

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love the dress! Very flattering on you!!!! Everyone looks so handsome and beautiful!!!!!

    Her veil was beautiful! What a speacial treat!!!!!

  5. Wow. What a beautiful famiy. You all look gorgeous!!!

  6. i LOVE the pics of the kids all fancy! So beautiful! Looks like a gorgeous wedding.

  7. What a gorgeous wedding dress and veil! How fun that you all were in the wedding, makes for some special memories. :)

  8. We had such a good time with the entire family this weekend....and you were right your kids were so good and had such a fun time. Check out the picture I took of the 5 grandchildren and the shot of the girls on my facebook page. I was truly a joyous weekend!!!!

  9. Ash I am in a wedding in Dec. and I need a great dress to wear for the wedding. I am a brides maid but we have color/style choices and I couldn't see your whole dress but if it comes in other colors it might be a good option for this prego belly... You look super cute!!!

  10. the Wedding is also in Austin :) sooo hoping the weather will be wonderful... not to cold!!!

  11. Looks like a lovely wedding. Your family is so beautiful, and you look great. I have one baby, and I def want more kids but babies are handfuls. how do you do it? Anyways I was reading you blog and i'm your newest follower!

  12. the veil is amazing! I love that she was able to wear it.

  13. Everyone looks so beautiful for the big day!!!

    I also love her veil...gorgeous!

  14. oh wow, the whole family is gorgeous like you! I would totally frame some of these pics!

  15. Beautiful Pics! Looks like a fun weekend.

    Laurel :)

  16. these pictures are beautiful! such a gorgeous family!

  17. Your post just reaffirmed my dream to be married in the Texas hill country. It is truly one of my favorite places :)