Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Morning Mishmash

Saturday mornings after a late Friday night football game are my favorite.
Especially Friday night football games that we WIN!
Another win for our team!
SO proud of our coaches and team!
Cade is already down for his morning nap.
Colt my little artist is coloring and working on his "science test"...whatever that means :).
Emma is curled up watching a movie.
I tried a new muffin recipe this morning.
Applesauce muffins.
You'll be seeing the recipe on the blog next week.
They were SO GOOD and fallish!
And now I'm sitting here playing catch up with my e-mail, the blog and the Holiday Gift Bazaar.
Speaking of the Bazaar... you guys... there are over 30 shops signed up so far!
And I am not kidding when I tell you that each one is incredible!
The variety of shops is what I love the most... a little bit of everything!
It will go live on October 1st so make sure you check back!
And if you're a shop who is interested I'd love to have you!
Back to the mishmash...
I was e-mailing a friend this week.
She has four little ones and homeschools the older ones.
She was saying at night she is exhausted... but a good exhausted.
That's how I felt this week.
I would get up before the sun was up...
work like a crazy through the day...
cleaning and decluttering for our move next month...
taking care of the kids...
and everything else in the mix.
And fall into bed around 11 each night.
Bone tired but happy about how productive my days have been.
There's a lot that I've been wanting to share with you.
Thoughts I've had on "less is best"...
thoughts on having patience with my kids...
thoughts on being purposful.
Next week :)
I'm off to shower.
The kids and I are taking lunch up to the coach's office.
Any excuse to see our dad;)
Hope your weekend has been good!

*this stuff... YUM. It has replaced my morning coffee and creamer for now!*


  1. strapless clothes on a mother of three...tackey

    1. what's worse for me is misspelling the word tacky. If you are going to leave a rude anonymous comment at least use spell check.

  2. Anonymous- Tacky would be leaving rude anonymous comments;)

  3. I personally loved your shirt, I thought it was so cute!!! Was it a Pinterest find...? Yay for wins at football games! Can't wait for the muffin recipe..Happy Saturday!

  4. You look great! Don't pay attention to Anon up there. We all know who is the tacky one.
    Ps great post!

  5. I think you look adorable! And my opinion counts, because I'm also a mother of three:-)

  6. you look adorable & lovely. go you! there is NOTHING inappropriate, exposing or otherwise about your top :)


  7. Tacky would be leaving comments that aren't spelled correctly! You look adorable!

  8. I was just going to say congrats on having such a productive week. I love those days!! Looking forward to the muffin recipe:)

  9. Wow..I cannot believe some people have the nerve to say such disrespectful and rude comments. That lady must be envious that you can rock cute clothes after having three kids! So keep on wearing them and smile knowing you still "got it" :)

  10. I love your outfit! I think you look adorable!

  11. Wow! Some people! If you are at least going to post something like that don't be a coward and do it anonymously! Seriously!
    I know you know this but all that is is jealously! You look adorable, are adorable and I love your heart! Your blog always reminds me how important our time is to our kiddos over material possessions and to create warmth in our home! Looking forward to the "less is best" post in a world full of "give me more".

  12. You are adorable!! And you inspire me so, so much! (:

  13. Agreed!!! I can't believe she would even make that comment about you! Last thing you are is Tacky! And I think you look super cute in your top! :)

  14. I have been reading your blog for a while and I'm not sure how I even found it, but I do enjoy it. I thought I would comment this time in support of how rude and wrong the first, unintelligent comment was. Some people are just unhappy and love nothing more than to try and bring someone else down. Just one more reason you are a great person, because I would have said something a lot harsher in response. Good luck with your 4th beautiful baby.

  15. your family is ADORABLE. when i saw that pic pop up on instagram the other night, i smiled so big. friday night lights? with your husband as coach? come! on! that's like a tv show or sumpin. it would be my FAVE to watch too. i just know it :)

  16. Um. Move?! Where are you moving to?? Please say San Antonio to be my neighbor!

  17. You are gorgeous in everything you wear and most importantly you have such a beautiful family and are beautiful from the inside out! I love your positive spirit!! I have to confess, I'm a lil jealous! We are due the same month and you look fabulous! Me... Not so much!

  18. seriously could your family be more adorable? love it! Yay for a very productive week...I need to be better about getting up & around when I'm home with Elyse, productive days just make me feel so much better!

  19. Y'all are precious! For real! And I was just going to ask where you got the shirt...or if you made it. Cause it's super cute! And love the cardi with it. Not tacy at all! Cute as pie!

  20. I have the same cup for my morning coffee, as well. :)

  21. I LOVE your lil cutie tunic!! Is it just a cut off t-shirt?!?!