Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Maternity Style+Baby Bump+Name


There the bump is... for those who have been asking for an updated picture.
My sweet photographer Emma was having a hard time holding the phone still hence the blurriness.
But I'll take it:) She was as proud as punch being mom's "photographer" :)
And to the left of the picture...that would be Cade.
Getting into the cupboard.
I think this was right about the time he opened the cinnamon and got it in his eyes.
Or maybe right about the time Colt dumped the giant carton of salt all over the floor.
Never a dull moment over here:)
The past two weeks my belly has taken on a huge growth spurt.
I realized it two Sundays ago when I was trying to find something to wear to church.
Pencil skirts... not even close to zipping closed.
Sun dresses...still fit... but my belly pulls them up to inappropriate heights in the front.
It ended with me feeling frustrated and wearing pants that were too tight.
I have gone through this stage with each pregnancy.
The "I have nothing to wear!" phase.
And then the...
"what in the world did I wear with my other pregancies?!" phase.
I'm not a fan of maternity clothes.
They're too expensive for the few months you wear them.
Plus most of them aren't that cute.
What I love most about fashion these days is that you can make
normal clothes into "maternity" wear but just going up a size or two.
My go to items are:
A comfortable pair of maternity jeans- I prefer skinny jeans for the winter so that I can tuck them into boots.
Maxi Skirts
Maxi Dresses
Long V-neck T-shirts
Skinny Belts (for above your belly)
Fun Jewelery
Basic pieces that you can still wear after baby comes.
Here are a few pictures that have been inspiring me lately when it comes to maternity fashion...
And last but not least.
Our sweet little girl officially has a name.
Eloise Claire.
We'll call her Ellie Claire.
We can not wait to see her sweet little face!
Just in case you missed it I'm having a
Lots of baby boy clothes and some women's clothes!


  1. im having the same issues with the sundresses! and i have those pics pinned! you look great :)

  2. oh and that name is perfect. classic and beautiful.

  3. So beautiful!! Love the darling name!! xo Heather

  4. You look so fabulous! Thanks for sharing a bump pic with us :)

  5. Some ladies just make being pregnant look so cute! haha
    Visiting you from the GFC blog hop. I am happy to be a new GFC follower. Looking forward to following you and your blog. I blog over at www.dalaynadillon.blogspot.com, so come on over and see me sometime ;)
    Just wanted to let you know about the coffee mug swap I have going on right now with Brittney from Yellow Umbrella Designs. This is a mug swap with a twist, it allows for more networking to go on. I would love to have you join in on all the fun! Here are all the details on it:
    Talk to ya soon :D

  6. Eloise!!!! That is amazing! I JUST was talking about that name a few days ago! Love it! So exciting and you're adorable with your baby bump! :)

  7. i love it!! i love love love it. she is going to be so beautiful!!! you just look amazing! amazing. and tiny and beautiful. so excited for her to get here!

  8. Ah! I love the name!
    And girl, you look absolutely incredible.

  9. good job emma! you look adorable! and i LOVE the name!!!!

  10. Sweet Ellie...we love you already!!
    I have seen some adorable maxi skirt tutorials on pinterest...with fall coming these would be great for comfort...even with a tshirt!!
    Love you!!

  11. Your bump is precious & I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name!

  12. You look so cute! LOVE IT!!!!!

    And her name....oh my stars! It's perfect! I can't wait to see her!

  13. I LOVE your newest edition's name! Congrats Ashley...You are such a cute mommy!!

  14. Eloise....seriously...im in love. It's just darling Ashley! just like that bump of yours!!!

  15. My "baby" girl's (she is almost 12 now)middle name is Claire. I love the name you picked.

  16. Hey Ashley! Right now Target has "boyfriend" tees for $5 in a TON of cute colors and they are SUPER long so I'd bet they'd work. If you want some let me know and I can run to my Target and pick some up and mail them to you :) (This is Emily Attaway by the way - not some crazy stalker!) I bought a coral one this weekend. Also, I love your baby name! When you said it started with an "E" I got excited for a second that it might be Emily - then I realized with one already named Emma that probably wasn't the case :)

  17. You look as sweet as could be and I love the name!! <3

  18. I love the name! Very pretty!

  19. Um you're adorably pregnant, no fair! I'm 18 weeks and not nearly as cute as you! Good luck momma!:)

  20. Very cute. Maternity fashion is so much fun!