Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Nights Lights+Winners

Getting ready to crawl into bed but wanted to post the winners from the giveaways this week.
We had our first game of the season tonight.
Our team won which was a great way to kick off the new season!
I am so proud of Travis when he coaches :)
The winner of the medium ad for The Vanilla Tulip is Morgan at The S'mores Life.
E-mail me and I'll get you set up!
The winner of the owl ring from Red Barn Candlee Company is Kristen.
E-mail me and I'll get you in touch with Amanda!
And if you're still interested in buying an ad for September it's not too late!
I am extending the 50% off all ads through Monday... I had forgotten it was a holiday weekend!
Just e-mail me and I'll get you set up!


  1. Congratulations to Travis' team- it's always great to start on a high.Rx

  2. Go, Fight, Win!!!! Yea Travis!!!!!

  3. WUHOO! That is so awesome! I'm your newest follower...and very happy to be!
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