Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weekly Phone Pics

 1. Freshly bathed brothers
2. Lemon yogurt- I can't get enough lemon these days!
3.Baby bump
4. Sweet little nugget at the pool

 So turns out your fourth baby pretty much just makes your belly pop out instantly.
I'm 12 weeks... yet it looks like I'm 5 months.
And since we just now started telling people the news, I feel like most people don't know.
So every person I see around town I feel like I should preface our conversation with, 
"Oh this belly that's sticking out? 
That would be a baby and not too many trips to the drive-thru doughnut store."
I have been frequenting there more often than I used to.
Something about a cake doughnut with chocolate frosting... can't get enough.
And the fact that you don't have to get out of your car.

This weekend is going to be a big one for me.
Travis and I are going on a little get away and leaving the kids for a few nights.
Kind of makes my heart a little fluttery and nervous.
I've never spent the night away from Cade.
And only a few nights away from the big two.
Those three... I love em'.
And I love being around them constantly.
Which is part of the nervous, fluttery feeling.
Obviously they'll be just fine.
It's just me being a big baby:)

But I know it will be good.
To spend some quality time with my guy.
And when I really get to thinking about how much I'll miss my babies 
I remind myself about all the treats that are awaiting me...
like sleeping in...
drinking my coffee at a slow rate while I visit with Travis...
laying by a pool...
eating food slowly while visiting...
taking the time to plan our preschool year...
planning out our year as a whole...
making lists (oh man... my favorite thing ever)...
and just getting refreshed for the upcoming football season.

 I'm also excited to plan a few new things for the blog this month.
 I am so blessed by those of you who comment and send e-mails.
I am trying my best to reply to everything...your e-mails may be returned a week later...

but just know you have been a blessing and encouragement to me.

And one last reminder before the new month begins.
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make sure to check out this post.
I'm offering one last summer special... buy August get September for free.
Any size ad.
I currently have just one Feature Ad left... so if you want it..snag it!

Enjoy your weekend and I may be back once more before we head out on our getaway.
Happy Weekend!


  1. enjoy your fun weekend!! hope you get some much deserved rest and relaxation with your man before football season. so fun!

  2. I don't like anything lemon at all, but loved it with my last pregnancy! So strange.

    Have a great trip! Sounds like a really sweet time with your honey.

  3. enjoy your weekend together...I'm sure it will be super refreshing for you!

  4. love love love the bump!!! have FUN with your hubbs!!! :) where yall headed?

  5. You look great!

    Have fun on your little get away!

    i've yet to leave my boy EVER, and I'd love to have some time with my man, but eeks...leaving the little one makes me nervous!!!

    Happy weekend!

  6. Ashley, good for you getting away! I know it's so hard to leave our babies, but it makes us better mommies and better wives. If your guy is like mine, he craves the one on one quality time so much. I hope you all had a great trip. Missed your beautiful piano playing this morning, but hope you had fun!
    Amy McCraw
    P.S. Congrats on #4!

  7. found you via wiegands link up :)
    i'm so glad to have found someone else that is expecting #4!
    i'm 18weeks along with #4 and i completely agree with you about
    popping out much earlier! i look like i'm a good 6-7 months along, for reals.
    enjoy your time with your husband, it is so necessary in a relationship...and you will come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world :)

  8. oh i totally know that feeling!! i cried like a baby when I left my kids for like two hours and bawled all the way to go get them!! hahah! i just love being around mine too! i was a total mess! it is just the most amazing feeling riding in and seeing them. and feeling that feeling of missing them so much and just every single moment that they bring- i have never missed kids music so much :) Hope y'all have so much fun!!!!! It is just so wonderful to reconnect!!

  9. Congrats on expecting your fourth baby!! Such a true blessing!! Happy to be your newest follower! Have a beautiful week! xo Heather

  10. So cute! I love your blog so inspiring! Congrats on baby #4 and kuddos! Not many can do that now days and still stay home!! You 2 are awesome! I have to ask if that super cute dress in the picture is a black strapless maxi and the one you wore on date night....where were they purchased! Again you rock!

  11. you are so cute. i love your little bump.
    all i can see when i look at pictures of your husband, are your kids. They look so much like him!!
    i have that long target dress too {of course ;)} it looks adorable on you!
    love you!

  12. Congrats! We are also expecting #4! I blogged about the same thing a few days ago. Funny how quickly you pop with #4.