Sunday, July 22, 2012


Happy Third Birthday to my sweet sweet Colty!
I adore my sweet boy.
The beginning of his story will always be fresh on my memory.
If you haven't read it go here.

I can hardly believe he's already three.
Yet at the same time it seems like he's much older :)
I am in love with his vocabulary...
the biggest vocabulary of any three year old I know.
Big words and big sentences.
Lots of questions and lots of Colt answers:)
Such as...

Me: Colt, who's the President of the United States?
Colt: Santa Clause.

Or another conversation we had awhile back that I don't want to forget.
We were driving around by our house one morning.

Colt: "Mom, what lake is that?"
Me: "Lake Bob"
Colt: "Ahhh...that information is of assistance."

Seriously.. it's like that ALL day long :)

He's got the sweetest little angel face that I can't get enough of.
He adores his siblings, thinks his Dad is the coolest and will sugar on me all day if he could.
His favorite food is broccoli and his least favorite is fruit.
He hates anything scary and loves anything that has to do with fishing.

I am so proud to be his mom.
I can't imagine our family without him!

Happy Birthday my sweet boy!!!


  1. Just got choked up reading his story! What a miracle!!!!
    He does have the sweetest face and seems like such a riot. I didn't realize he and Ashlynn where so close in age! She's turns three in just over a month.

    Happy birthday little man!!!

  2. Happy birthday Colt!!! We miss you guys!!

  3. Happy birthday Colt!!! We miss you guys!!

  4. Happy birthday Colt!!! We miss you guys!!

  5. What a sweetheart!!! Happy birthday dear boy!!

    LOVE that conversation!!! Something I just started doing for our son is a treasure box (I just picked up a decorated photo box from Michaels). Every time (or, as much as I can do) that Andrew says something I want to remember, I grab something (doesn't matter what!) to write on and jot it down (date it too!) and stick it in the memory box. I've saved a few special things he's collected on walks too in little ziploc bags. It has been so fun to go back and read through the notes.So many things I would never remember! And, I mean, I know lots are saved on Facebook but it's fun to have an actual little box to go through too. Just an idea for you! Hope your Monday is going well!

  6. aww happy birthday little guy! he sounds like a great kid :) my youngest will be three in october!

  7. He's just so handsome and sounds like he's super smart. That boy s gonna be a heart breaker! Happy Birthday to him!!!

  8. He's so precious!!! I am CRACKING up at what he said!! How hilarious!! What a fun age!!