Thursday, July 12, 2012

Insta Pics

It's officially the weekend at our house.
Travis has off work tomorrow and we're city bound first thing in the morning.
On the agenda... a trip to get my hair done at my sister's salon, Starbucks and bridesmaid dress shopping with my mother-in-law and Emma for my sister-in-laws wedding (did you catch all that? :) ).

The week has been a good one.
A leisurely one.
So leisurely that desperate times called for desperate measures
and I had to turn on Pandora's Christmas station to motivate me to clean.
Something about hearing Christmas music makes me feel productive and like
sprucing up my home.
Works like a charm every time.
In fact it motivated me to make the kids a play room in our spare bedroom.
Toys scattered around the living room constantly just wasn't cutting it.
So now they can be scattered in the playroom.
I don't know why I didn't do this sooner!

It's been a week of yummy food.
Drive-thru donut shops and Sonic to be exact.

And I could barely put the picture of the ugly little guy up...
but also a week of creepy little lizards who think my home is their home.
They're fast little turds.
Travis tried to catch him and he hid up and under my computer desk.
Trav thought we should just leave him.
I obviously did not agree with his thoughts on this.
I was already having visions of a lizard crawling across my face while I slept.
I had plans to watch the desk all night long until the dumb lizard reappeared.
But luckily he came out and was caught while I was taking my evening bath.
You'd better believe I was praying he would come out so I wouldn't have to stay up watching for him.
Answered prayers I tell ya.

And that was the extent of our rainy and gray week.
All of that with a bunch of cuddling on the couch, game playing and movie watching.

Hope your week has been good!!!


  1. that cherry limeade looks SO SO good. yes, please!



  2. What a great week, minus the lizard episode. Those babies creep me out!!! The toy room looks nice. We have a toy room too, it saves SOOOO much mess in the front part of the house. Your weekend sounds like a blast. Enjoy!

  3. Looks like you guys made the best of a rainy week! That's awesome. That chocolate donut looks so yummy I might have to hop in the car and head to the bakery :)

    Enjoy your time in the city!


  4. Hay there! I've nominated and awarded you with the blog award "Versatile Blogger" award! Go here to get it and read the post!