Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Heat and Mish-mosh

 It is hot, hot, hot here in Texas.
And at our house both inside and out.
All three of my kids have had fevers the past few days.
Sweet Emma is the last of the three to get it.
She laid on the couch all afternoon and evening and kept moaning and saying "ohhh mannn."
Poor little pup!

I've got quite a few random bits that I'm going to throw into this post.
So hang on. 

First up... let's talk summer produce!
My father-in-law always has a beautiful garden and he is so generous to give us bagfuls of the bounty.
This past weekend he brought two large bags of tomatoes and green beans.
There is nothing better than a fresh grown garden tomato.
For dinner tonight we just ate rice, tomatoes and white beans.
It tasted so fresh and summery!

The biggest and best news of the day is that my youngest sister who just graduated high-school
came to stay with us for two weeks!
This is her third summer in a row to do so.
I LOVE having her here!
I feel spoiled to have her in my life.
She's an incredible baby wrangler, house cleaner and cook.
You name it and she can do it.
While she's here we always try to plan a few craft projects, work projects and fun outings.

Speaking of work projects.
July is our month to get done any work projects around the house.
Such as anything that needs fixed, organizing cupboards/cabinets...
basically getting our household in tip-top shape.
Because once the end of July hits we kiss Travis goodbye to football season
until the beginning of November.
It's become a good ritual.
While he still spends the nights here I just pretend he isn't here as far as the work load goes.
I live like a single mom from August to November.
And it works awesome for us!
There's no frustration when chores don't get done because he's not home 
or he comes home later than I thought.
I just take care of it.
It totally eliminates any arguing.
Which leaves more time for enjoying each others company when he is home!

So back to the chores.
That's another thing my sister is helping me with these next two weeks.
Getting our house in order :)
She's a gem I tell ya!

Off to make chocolate milkshakes and lists with her!
Hope your weekend was great!


  1. Y'all have a good time. We did our honey do list last week and it feels so nice to have it all done. I really need to implement the pretending I'm a single mom during football season. Like really bad.

  2. Here's to getting the house in order! One of my favorite things to do!

  3. HI Ash :)
    I'm tellin ya...its really amazing the difference between a store bought tomato and a fresh one... NOTHING like a home grown tomato!!!! One of my fav lunches in the summer is just a scoop of cottage cheese and a fresh tomato with salt and a little mrs. dash seasoning....
    And what a wonderful lesson to learn early in Marriage... Our first year was rough starting a new business is ALOT of hours... And believe me life would have been much simpler if I wouldnt have had such ridiculous expectations... I am soooo thankful for a hard working husband!!!!

  4. Are the white beans seasoned with anything in particular? How about the rice? Is it literally those three things thrown in together, or is there some prep work that makes it tasty? Everybody always talks about "rice and beans", but it never tastes good when I try to make it. I must be leaving out something or have damaged taste buds. Help :)

  5. I am getting ready for the summer produce ... we should have some tomatoes any day!

    little sisters are the best

  6. yum summer produce!! and what a great attitude you have about handling the household work while your hubby is coaching!

  7. enjoy time with your sister! I love how you deal with Travis's busy season...sounds like that would work best for so many coaches wives!