Saturday, June 16, 2012


7 nights of camping
7 days of fun in the sun
1 rainy, windy day
3 browned by the sun and dirt happy kids
17 hours in the car
1 night out to eat at our favorite restaurant
7 afternoon naps in an air-conditioned camper...glorious!
6 hot breakfasts cooked on a griddle
22 family members
4 campsites
1 change of sheets mid-week
500 long walks to use the bathroom
3 jet ski rides with Emma and Colt
  1 afternoon out for icecream
2 water tube rides for Emma
2 exhausted parents


A great week of vacation!
More to come this week.
I'm going to go take a hot bath and crawling into a bed with fresh sheets!


  1. So glad yall had a blast!!!! :)

  2. Not to correct you, but I believe it was FIVE campsites! Five campers and two tents!! :-)

  3. what a fun family memory! so glad you guys had a fabulous time!

  4. Random question: do you plan on homeschooling your kids? We are homeschooling and I was wondering if you were since I think I read that you were homeschooled. Is that right, or did my preggo brain dream that up? :)

  5. i am inspired to add camping to our summer to do list!!! just that list alone sounds fantastic!!!!