Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camping Vacation Part 2 of 2

This post is going to be pretty much identical to last nights :)
Minimal words... maximum pictures.
In case you missed yesterdays post, here is Part 1.

I am so thankful for Vacation Bible School... such a fun week!
However... I honestly have no clue how you working mothers do it.
I. am. SO. tired.
And my house is a disaster.
By the time we get home from church everyone lays down for naps including myself;)
Then it's up and scurrying to get laundry done and dinner made.
Then baths and by the time everyone is in bed it's time to get clothes and bags around for the next day.
Holy mackerel. 
Countdown for next week and my slow paced life at home has begun;)

Heading off to bed!
Hope your Tuesday has been great!

-My little cousin Willie with Colt-

-Emma showing my Grandma a bracelet she beaded-

-Emma and my cousin Kinsey-
My Aunt Rhonda made the girls matching dresses... the girls loved them!
She has an adorable Etsy shop if you're in the need for a sweet dress like theirs.

-The kids loved Uncle Justin's truck :) -


  1. Love, love, love the matching dresses.

    Last pic: How many kids can you fit in a truck?

    Looks like a LOT of FUN! I am hoping to get some camping in this summer, but we are still waiting for the rain to go away and the sunshine to show its face.


  2. Love reading your blog. If you don't want to share that's perfectly fine, but where are you from in MO? I'm a Missouri girl and I saw some familiar places in your pics...Smiths- I LOVE their restaurants!

  3. AH! LOVE these!!!!!
    Your kids are gorgeous.
    And I want your tank top.

  4. Smith's - oh I'm jealous for a Bolivar staple after seeing those pictures :) Looks like your trip was full of fun, maybe we should try camping sometime, though I think our extended family would need coaxing!