Thursday, May 17, 2012

The week so far...

 1. Snagged a pair of Toms look alikes for $6 at Dollar General
2. Some mornings a half a grapefruit just isn't enough
3. Chocolate covered strawberries for Mother's Day
4. I love this girl!!!
1. Bows, bows and more bows. Get yours here!
2. Mother's Day...waiting in the car for Travis to pick up Subway.
By the way, for those that have lace-tank top was from J.Crew last summer during their huge summer clearance sale. I think it was $13?
3&4- Morning walks. We're soaking up the not too hot temps while we can!


This afternoon I'm going to jump into the world of homemade laundry detergent.
I've heard mixed reviews.
Some love it...some hate it.
Which side are you on if you've ever made it?
I'm going to be making the liquid variety.

Have a great morning!!!


  1. Love the bows, love that your making the detergent and can't wait to hear your take on it and LOVE your face!

  2. Just attempted my first batch of homemade laundry soap last week. I blogged my how-to here: I'm loving it so far! P.S. totally jealous of your Tom look-a-likes snag! They're super cute!

  3. I have those pink toms! They were a birthday present!! I love them. Also, I"d love to hear what you think about the laundry detergent. I've been wanting to do that for a little while, but I'm kind of nervous...

  4. Can't wait to hear about the laundry detergent! It's something I've considered because it's just SO expensive!

  5. aww. you and your family are just as cute as can be! I too am a young stay at home momma and feel that it is the most important job I have done or will ever do! Really quick, I was wondering what kind of camera you have cause your pics are awesome ( it doesnt hurt that you have some cute kids to photograph either :) and I since I just happened to stumble upon your blog, Im lovin your sense of style! Its so nice to see a fellow mom who looks the part, instead of wearing crumpled old hubbby clothes and hair all a mess- I know its hard to do sometimes, but putting "ourselves" together is so important! Do you ever do a "style" post or list what new beauty/hair/clothing items you use? Just curious! Keep up the good work of being( what looks like) a wonderful momma and wife :)- Melissa

  6. sounds like a fun week so far! I need to give grapefruit another chance. It was years ago when I last had some and it was never my fav.

  7. When I saw your TOM's look alikes, I really hoped our Dollar General would have them- they did not. Boo! But glad you scored some- and great pick with the purple!
    I commented on your instagram also, but I'm definitely ON TEAM HOMEMADE LAUNDRY DETERGENT! :) Hope you like it too!

  8. I have heard the same thing. some love and some hate! let us know what you do and your opinion! love to hear!

  9. We have used homemeade laundry detergent on and off for several years. It is so incredibly inexpensive that it is worth a try! One batch is less than $5 and lasts for months. I feel like it has always cleaned our clothes well. The only thing that I miss from store bought detergent is the scent. The homemade doesn't smell bad - it sort of smells like clean water, but it is definitely not Mountain Fresh. :D

  10. Love the bows! If I had a little girl I would be all over those :)

  11. I have been using my detergent. I dont love it, but dont hate it. My clothes are clean and its cheap and easy, so I suppose thats the point. I AM going to get some essential oils this week so that I can make it smell better. And I dont like the consistency, makes it difficult to pour, but still...I feel better using it than the store bought stuff that sucks up my money and has chemicals in it. Oh, and grapefruit is gross. Unless you cover it in sugar, which I suppose defeats the purpose of eating a healthy food. :)

  12. You are so cute. Ummm... half a grapefruit is never enough for me... that's okay right? :)

  13. You are so cute. You have boney feet-- I don't! I found a difference in us! ;) Every time I see pictures of you and your family it makes me wish even more that we lived closer!

  14. have you ever tried baking your grapefruit with brown sugar on top?! died and went to heaven. literally so yummy.

    and ps you are pure gorgeous with your babies.

    happy monday friend!