Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Fun

I feel as if my brain has checked out for the summer... ya know the feeling?
I've got sunscreen, the lake, popsicles, crafting and playing outside on my mind.
School lets out the end of this week...which means Travis will be home more!
Over spring break we made a list of activities and projects we wanted to accomplish during that week.
I'm wanting to do the same thing for our summer break.
A few things that randomly come to mind are...

Read through 10 chapter books with the big kids (while sitting in the hammock ;) )
Make homemade icecream (peach being one of the flavors)
Make a slip and slide
Sew my first quilt
Make and can strawberry jam for the winter
Pick and freeze a winters supply of blueberries

I'll be thinking more on this list and put up our official one in the next week or so.
What are some things/activities you want to accomplish this summer?
I'd love to hear!
Hope the beginning of your week was great!


  1. Cute pics!! And I love your summer ideas -- we always pick lots of blueberries and freeze them. I want to make strawberry jam...maybe you'll post how you do that. :) I need a hammock and 10 book ideas.

  2. How funny; I was just typing up a draft for one of my next posts that is a list of all the things I want to do this summer with the girls!

    Reading is on our list too, along with water balloon fights, tie-dying t-shirts, nature scavenger hunt, etc.

    Can't wait to see your full list!

  3. Great bucket lest for the summer! I am going to make a quilt soon as I catch up on orders! LOL
    That's crazy that your kids get out next week...we have a whole month left, and I'm usually ready for summer to start by the 6th of June!

  4. happy summer vacation!! :) I only work 1 day a week during the summer so I can't wait for school to let out next month!! :)

    My plan is to order prints of photos to frame and hang on the wall.

  5. Seems like everyone is making a Summer Bucket List!! One of mine is to learn how to drive a manual vehicle, aka stick shift. Always seems like the 'cool cars' are manual.. haha

  6. That's awesome! I had already planned for my Friday Post to be my Top Ten things to do this Summer. Bring it! Looking forward to reading more about your plans...