Monday, May 28, 2012

Feature Sponsor- Lullaby Lubbock

Hi Vanilla Tulip readers!
We could not be more excited to be here. 
I know that because y'all are here you all know how inspiring, encouraging, fun and beautiful sweet Ashley is and we are so honored that she asked us to be apart of her cute blog.  It is stock full of ways to be good stewards of our savings, cute crafts, adorable shop and the most beautiful kiddos.
We are Allison and Kristen from Lullaby Lubbock.  We have been best friends since 7th grade and long story short, ended up in Lubbock for our husbands med school at the same time, had kids, and started a little blog.  It is still called Lullaby Lubbock because, well, we have since moved away but its where the blog started so we just kept it.  We are lazy like that :) We have 5 kids between us (Ella and McKenna for Allison and Avery, Ben and Sawyer for Kristen). We love a good craft, a creative activity for our kids and we really live and breath for a party.  
Since Allison discovered this a few years ago, we have made Gak over and over and over; 
Picnik collage
so, when Ashley asked us to share something with y'all, I thought we would do something that we use frequently at our house.
It is not our original idea (we found it on  they are so amazing.  we are huge fans) but we love it like its ours.

Here is what you need to make your very own GAK
-4 oz. of glue
-food coloring
-1 1/2 cups water divided
Picnik collage
Mix the 1/2 cup of water and glue with food coloring and set aside.  Make sure the glue and water are mixed well.  We put ours in a water bottle and shake them up together.
Then, you mix the borax with a cup of water.
Once that has dissolved then you pour the glue mixture into the borax mixture and stir.  It will take a few seconds but should start to form the gak.  Keep on stirring until it reaches a good concise consistency and is all stuck together. (A little bit of water will be left in the bowl but thats ok.)
Then you have an afternoon of fun ahead of you!
You can break out your animals and pretend its a gooy pond.  We tend to have animals around most of the time...
Picnik collage
sassy and gracie7
Thank you, Ashley, for having us!!
Hope y'all are having a fantastic memorial day weekend!


  1. omg how fun :) i love all the pics Ashley!

  2. Ooh what fun! Those kids look like they're having the time of their sweet little lives.