Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Basics+Rust+Turquoise+Beach Hair

We have storms rolling through here this morning.
A cozy mid-week break from the sun and swimming.

My friend Laura has started to show what she wears on Wednesdays...
not to show off or say look at me.
But to encourage women that dressing cute doesn't have to be expensive.
I love that!

That's exactly what I want these posts to do.
To encourage you girls that dressing in fun clothes doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.
My biggest tip would be to invest in your basics.
And when I say invest I don't mean spend a ton of money.
I mean take the time to find something that fits WELL.

My go-to summer basics are:
Dark Skinny Jeans (that you can cuff up on the bottom)
Cut-Off Jean Shorts
Dressy Chambray Shorts
White Shorts
White Tank Tops
 Maxi Dresses

Just having these basics makes it easy to mix and match outfits.
You can wear the tank tops alone with a fun piece of jewelery...
or use them for under a looser t-shirt (example below).
Or if you're in a real crunch just pull out a Maxi Dress.
They're super easy to dress up or down.

Once I have all my basics I'll hunt for a cute tank top or blouse at Forever 21.
If you have never shopped there then it's time you get on it!
If you already have your basic bottoms all you would need to look for are some fun tops.
I just bought a few new casual summer shirts there this weekend.
I found two light-weight tank tops for $4.50 a piece.
And the shirt below for $7.
And that's regular price ladies!
Their jewelery is incredibly inexpensive as well.
You could find a fun necklace to pair with a plain t-shirt or white tank top.
Most of their jewelery is under $10.  Closer to the $5 range!

Moving on.
Ignore the quality of the pic below.
We were rushing to get out the door for a bbq. :)

Shorts- Forever 21 (2 years ago... $14 I think)
White Tank- Target $5
Rust T-shirt- $7
Turquoise Sandals-Old Navy (2 years ago) I don't remember the price?

This is an example of the basics.
I could easily take away the rust t-shirt and throw on a fun necklace or a wrist full of bangles.
It would completely change the look of the outfit.
See what I'm talking about?!

 Let's talk summer hair.
Ever since having babies my hair has gone from pretty much stick straight to wavy (or crazy).
Throughout the winter I always straighten it.
But in the summer I am not fond of standing in the hot and humid bathroom messing with my hair.
I've been wanting something that would help my hair embrace it's waviness 
without looking crunchy from mousse or hairspray.
My sister (who is a beautician) just introduced me to this AWESOME stuff!
It's a Texturizing Sea Spray by Paul Mitchell.
It is so incredible!
I spray it in while my hair is still a bit damp from the shower.
Scrunch it just a bit.
And that's it!
It leaves it feeling textured but not crunchy.
I'm not sure on the price of it since she gave it to me?

And last but not least.
I know I've blogged about this nail color before.
But it's so good I am going to repeat myself.
Essie's Turquoise and Caicos is a summer time must.
I especially love it paired with anything rust colored (i.e. the shirt above!)

What are some of your summer time basics?
I'd love to hear!!!


  1. Such a fun look, love that nail polish!!

  2. Ok, that rust color is a new favorite with turquoise! love, love your outfit...

  3. So cute!! Love the outfit and the nail color! And so sweet of you to remind girls that we don't have to spend tons of money on clothes! Amen sister! :)

  4. I love that you put such a focus on being affordable! There's nothing worse than feeling as though you can't measure up due to money. I am pregnant this summer. I'm only 10 weeks, but I already can tell it's going to shift things majorly in my wardrope...

  5. you look adorable!! totally summer-y! :)

  6. love the look today and the rust color looks good on you blondie!!!

  7. i absolutely love this outfit. it's perfect!

    oh, and i'm definitely looking into that sea spray. it's just what this ridiculous hair of mine needs.

  8. loving these summer basics - and its so true, if you have good staples then you can just browse fun pieces to spruce them up!

  9. Your "go-to summer basics" are now MY go to basics! GREAT list!! and thank you for posting the Essie color, LOVE it!! Ah-dorable outfit btw!

  10. Cute outfit and I LOVE the nail color! Thanks for sharing... :-)

  11. Great tips! I love your sandals. I think turquoise nail polish is super cute! :)

  12. my toes are almost the same color!!! I want to try that spray!

  13. You have great tips. Love the sandals and the polish. Great ideas on summer staples. I was wondering what to wear this summer with a recent transition from full-time work outside the home to full-time mom at home. This is helpful!

  14. Super cute! My hair turned wavy/curly after having babies too. :) I'll have to try the sea spray. I'm tired of crunchy mousse hair, but need something, otherwise it's a mess!

  15. Hello! I don't know how I found your blog today but I just spent so long reading it! Molly girl did a great job on your design! I am all about beach hair in the summer and I can't wait to try out the product. ;)

  16. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It is all fabulous!

    I would be absolutely honored to have you link this up on my Casual Friday link up party starting today, it would be perfect!


  17. LOVE your nail polish!! I'll be redoing my toenails now... :)