Friday, March 30, 2012

Sponsor Feature- Creator Designs

I can't say enough about the Sponsor Feature today.
Creator Designs is a screen printing business owned by a family I knew from when I was in college.
I actually babysat their boys for awhile:)
You will not find a sweeter and more geniune family.
You really must read their story HERE.
If you are in need of t-shirts for your organization or an event I would suggest no other business.
Seriously... check out their website :)


Here at Creator Designs we LOVE our customers!!!  You all have been so loyal
to us throughout the years.  We're hoping to give a little back through our
new endeavor... The Creator Designs Blog!

We are excited about this opportunity to personally connect with you online,
via social media.  We love that we have history with our customers.  We know
your business, your stories, your struggles...

In fact, here at The Creator Designs Blog, we hope to further your cause
with posts that share about what you are doing.  Maybe you're fighting for a
cause; we hope to provide you with another forum on which you can raise
awareness.  Maybe you're a small business on a tight budget; we'd love for
this to be a bit of free advertising for you!  We hope this will show you,
our customers, that we really do care about what you're doing.

We want this blog to be a FUN place!  We want to highlight our customers, as
well as our product.  At Creator Designs, we love t-shirts!  (I mean, who
doesn't love a good tee?)  Watch for posts as we follow latest trends on how
people "rock" their tees!

We invite you to take a look at our blog.  If you like it and decide to
follow, we'll enter you for a drawing to win a free Creator Designs Tervis.
We're also always looking for new ways to serve our customers.  We hope this
will be yet another way to keep you up-to-date on our deals, as well as
through our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Thanks so much for your loyalty to
us.  We love you guys!

You can find Creator Designs here...


To win the Creator Designs Turvis you
must be a follower of The Vanilla Tulip and also Creator Designs Blog.
Leave ONE comment letting me know you've done so!
The winner will be announced on Wednesday!


  1. I am a follower of both blogs!=)

  2. I love creator design...I still use them !!!! :) Ash did you ever work there... I feel like they have employed 1/2 of sbu grads. at some point in time... I worked there when they were in that little building over by good ole El Rodeo :)

  3. I am a follower of both