Thursday, March 29, 2012

Phone Pics

This week we...

swam on the back deck every day...

devoured our chicken spaghetti...

walked around town doing our errands, making sure to stop at the fountain...

ate almost every meal on the back porch...

and had our usual pancake breakfasts.

How has your week been so far?


  1. Looks like your week has been great!! My week has flown by, but the sun is shining bright today...going to stop and enjoy it;)

  2. I would love to have such nice weather!

  3. So relaxing and fun!! I love your makeshift baby gate in the pool pic ;) My week has just been waiting for this little baby to arrive! But also enjoying the weather we're having too! :)

    1. Ok, you have to check out the "bear" pancakes I just made! :-) I think your kids will love them! :-) I love the baby gate too! :-) haha!

  4. My week has been spent gardening, gardening, gardening!!!! Oh how I love being able to get out and get my hands dirty. I posted some pictures of the plants I bought last Saturday on my blog. Check them out!!!! So glad the kids are having fun playing outside. Give them kisses from Aunt Marsha.

  5. That sounds like such a great week. It has been entirely too long since I've had chicken spaghetti!


  6. Your pictures are always so fun to see. LOVE that you kept the littlest one away from the pool with a big chair, too funny! Yay for warm weather. Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Love it. I'm totslly comvinced that meals outside just taste better...