Friday, March 23, 2012

Number One

Happy First Birthday to my sweet Cade!
I love my baby boy more than anything.
He is hands down my easiest baby.
He's so laid back and easy going.
I can't get enough of his sweet little face and blueberry eyes.

He was born on March 23rd.
A special day for our family...
all three of my babies were born on the 23rd of their month.
It makes remembering birthdays easy :)

He was also born during a time of transition for our family.
Travis had just accepted a new coaching position in a different town so
we were in the midst of packing up our home to move.

We moved when he was five weeks old.
It really was a perfect time to move with a little one...
he slept through all the excitement :)

And then he became more alert...
and grew...
and grew...

And he went on his first week long camping trip when he was three and a half months old.

And he traveled all over kingdom come with our little family.
And still he was content and happy :)

Then came his first football season.
And again... content and happy in the stands (as long as he was by momma).

Then came his first Thanksgiving...
which I might add he was NOT content and happy.
Poor thing was sicker than a dog and fussy.

Then his first Christmas....

And the beginning of spring...

Which brings us to today...
his first birthday!

Travis wasn't able to be with us all day due to work and a track meet.
So we improvised and brought the party to him during his lunch :)
There's nothing like a good party on wheels!

We're having his official party with family tomorrow.
I love you sweet Cade!!!!
Happy first birthday :)



  1. Happy birthday, little man! I love the name Cade.

  2. Happy Birthday buddy! Looks like you guys had a blast celebrating :)

  3. Happy birthday to him!! What a sweetie pie! :)

  4. Happy Birthday to your littlest man! :) He sure looks like his daddy! My mother-in-law's birthday is March 23rd as well as her brother's birthday and her granddaughter/my niece & Goddaughter's birthday! (She just turned one, too!)

    I don't know if I have commented before - I am a pretty new follower. You have an absolutely adorable family! Glad I found your blog!

  5. I LOVE the streamers in the car!!!!! What a great mom you are!! Always celebrate big.

  6. I think my favorite part of this is that you didn't let 'life' keep you from your brought the party to him! Y'all really have the sweetest marriage, it seems. SO thoughtful of you to include him in the big day! The streamers in the car is SOOOOO cute!

    Happy BIrthday little cutie!