Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Current State of Affairs

current guilty pleasure: honestly...I can't even think of one? I've given up Dr. Pepper for awhile... that's my usual guilty pleasure:)

current nail color: O.P.I French Quarter for your Thoughts (gray)
current read: The Shunning by Beverly Lewis.  It's an Amish series :) I can't get enough of them!

current drink: water. Lots and lots of water.

current food: Veggie sandwich... can you tell I'm trying to eat healthier? I'd much rather have some french fries and a Dr. Pepper.

current favorite show: Blue me time to sip my coffee in the morning :)

current wish list: I wish Trav were off work this afternoon to enjoy the weather with us!

current needs: I am currently needing my children to take naps...
but for some reason not a one is cooperating :)

current weather: 76 degrees and sunny!

current triumphs: Colt is almost successfully potty trained!

current bane of my existence: putting away my laundry. I love washing and drying and folding.
It's the putting away that gets me every time. :)

current blessing: The warm weather has been a blessing to me this week! We've spent the past three days playing outside until lunch time.  And then back out again after naps.
There's nothing better!

current excitement: The Shine Project this weekend!

current mood: content

current website: I'm looking at etsy right now for summer fabrics to make Emma a few dresses.


  1. i am so loving this weather too! ours is the same. i really really hope your kiddos start taking naps, for your sanity. especially since you're without your dr.p. : ) the babes are so cute and gorgeous and melt-worthy!

    i'll email you asap. although i hear footsteps down the hall so maybe my kids are done sleeping... it may be awhile. ; )

    i am so in love with your design! it's stunning! off to check out your lovely etsy.

  2. I love this! your kiddos are so cute. we've been enjoying fabulous weather here too. love it!

  3. love this - such a cute way to share whats going on! :) Cant wait to see you this weekend!!! :)

  4. I don't know how you've been able to resist Dr. Pepper. I want you to have one.

    I loved this entire post.

  5. Aww your babes are gorgeous! I totally hear you on putting away the laundry. Somehow mine never gets put away before I need to wash clothes again...haha. I read that series too awhile back, so good! And about babies napping?? oh my, i've been at my wit's end trying to get my little man to nap longer than 20 minutes at a time. Here's to all our babies sleeping :)
    Awesome post :)


  6. your daughter has the most beautiful hair! and kuddos on the potty training thing. i am just stepping into that!

    PS LOVE that you were a tomboy!!!!!

  7. You & your sweet fam are so precious. I feel peaceful & content just reading this post :) I wish Lily & I could pack up and come play in the park with you all!

  8. Sooo jealous of your weather!! It's 42 degrees here! We get excited when it breaks 50!

  9. I've never read that series but anything Amish fascinates me. And I'm with you on the laundry thing...I'm the same way about dishes. I don't mind doing them but I hate putting them away. Hope your Thursday is wonderful!

  10. OK, here is my question......

    Why can't everyone just go to the laundry room and get what ever clothes they need for that day????????

    I mean really....are those chest of drawers and closets really necessary????? Maybe we are doing it all wrong....just sayin'