Monday, January 23, 2012


Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet Emma Kate!!!!
I love my sweet girl more than words can describe.
I love her kindness and generosity...
I love her bubbly personality...
I love that her best friends are her brothers...
I love her tender heart.

We spent her birthday at home with just our family this year.
It was wonderful :)
The day was spent playing, reading, going on treasure hunts, taking pictures, taking naps and making pizzas.
My sister Bekka joined us for half the day...
my kids ADORE her!
She walked in the door and Colt said,
"Aunt Bekka! You're home!"
Not only did Bekka come to celebrate but she brought the cake.
And not just any cake.
She made a Rapunzel Barbie cake for Emma.
It was beautiful!!!

Sweet Em is not one for change.
Yesterday I made the mistake of telling her it would be the last day she was three.
She fell to the floor sobbing that she wanted to be three forever :)
She's beginning to warm up to the idea of four today...
We'll see how she feels about it tomorrow!

Here are a few pictures from her special day...


Hope your Monday was great :)


  1. Happy happy birthday miss Emma Kate! :D Looks like a beautiful one!

  2. your blog makes me want to be a mommy so bad!

  3. Happy birthday Emma!! :) And Jael also LOVES Rapunzel so they'd be friends for sure :)

  4. That post is sweet X a million! Happy 4th Birthday to your sweet girl! ;-)

  5. Looks like she had a great day - and what a great Aunty! Amazing cake!

  6. aw happy birthday emma! what sweet pictures! (My oldest turns 4 in may and I might be stealing some of those picture ideas :)) That princess dress banner is amazing btw, my girls would go crazy for that!

  7. Just came across your blog today from Gentri's! It's SUPER cute and your daughter is adorable! Happy birthday to her! :) Newest follower cute girl, can't wait to keep reading!

  8. LOVE the cake! Wow! Wish my kids had a cake-making-auntie. :)

    This is birthday week at our house, too. We have 5 birthdays in 6 days (from the 20th-25th).

    Hope your week is BLESSED!

    Laurel :)

  9. Happy 4th Birthday Emma Kate!! I didn't know her bday is Jan 23. Same as my Kate! She turned 5 yesterday! Glad Emma Kate had a great birthday!

  10. love that princess dress garland ... looks like you made her day very special!

  11. Emma grows more beautiful each day! I love the picturs of her big day. Aunt Becca did so good on that cake!!!! I got your comment on my blog about the baked ziti. I'm going to Rockwall tomorrow to spend some time with Nana. I will post it on my blog when I return. BTW, did you see I've added a link to your blog on my blog page. I'm learning this blog stuff a little at a time. It's fun and I'm loving it.

    Love, Everylittlebirdie

  12. what a sweet post for the birthday girl. the cake looks beautiful and so is emma. was that a christmas tree in the background of a photo? it. :)

  13. Happy Birthday Emma! I have to say I admired you cute house while looking at the birthday pictures! So adorable!

  14. Happy Birthday Emma! Let me just say I loved that picture of them reading and their little feet all poking out. Too precious!

  15. That cake!! Impressive! Love your pics!! 3 babies barely four and under!? You're one hek of a woman my friend!! Happy Birthday to Emma!

  16. Seems like it was a perfectly fantastic day!! Happy 4 th birthday to her :) beautiful pictures.