Friday, May 27, 2011


Hello!  Total randomness listed below :)

*Our weekend begins in about one hour when Travis gets home from work! 

*The past few trips back and forth between towns we've looked like quite the circus.  We've been pulling his fishing boat behind my truck back and forth.  Not because he's been fishing.  But because we've been filling it with stuff that needs to be moved. Oh, and our stinky dog has been traveling in his kennel in the back of the boat as well.  It's pretty awesome :)

*This past week we had a free morning to take the kids to the zoo in the town where my father-in-law was being hospitalized. 
My love for animals... pretty much non-existant.  Not a huge fan.
What I do love however is seeing my sweet babes get excited about seeing the animals!
LOVE watching them experience the different sites and sounds of the zoo!

 *On our drive up to see my family we'll drive right through Joplin. 
I already feel anxious about driving through.
I can't imagine the grief that those poor people are feeling.

*Thanks to everyone who has linked up their blog below.
And if you haven't linked up yet then scroll on down and do so!

*I promise I haven't forgotten about sharing my two week meal plans.
Once we're finally settled into our house I plan on doing so!
I'm wanting to find more summery meals.
What are some of your favorites?

*And also, once we're settled in I plan on getting my sewing machine out to work
on a new project I've been wanting to make for quite awhile.
Kids library bags!
Everytime we go to the library we hunt around for a bag for each kid to take.
I thought it would be a great idea if each kid had their own personalized library bag.

*Fun fact: we have been without a television for over a year. 
And we're breaking that streak and getting a new one next week.
The reason we got rid of our tv was because it was one of those old ginormous ones.
I was afraid that if it fell out of the tv stand it would crush one of the kids.
It was THAT heavy.
We had plans on getting a new one immediately after we got rid of the other one. you can imagine we ended up needing the money for something else.
And then we began to realize that we didn't need it at all.
And then somehow a whole year slipped by without owning one :)
But now... we've been wanting to have something bigger than a computer screen
to watch movies on. 
Which is why a new tv will be bought next week.
We will no longer be amish :)


That's what has been on my mind today.
Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.
I'll check back in with you again whenever I get to the internet :)
Ta ta for now!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sleepy boy, Flower? and BLOG PARTY!

Good evening!  It's currently 10:45pm as I type so I'm going to try to keep it short and sweet!
We're finishing up our week spent in the "old town".  We've been staying at Trav's parents home this whole week (well...last half of the week...first half spent in a hotel due to my poor father-in-law). 
We'll be leaving tomorrow to head back to the "new town" for the weekend.  Then the babies and I will be spending the following week in Missouri visiting my family!  I can hardly wait!

Travis just called me to come look in the room where the kids are sleeping.
Here's what we found :)
Poor kid was exhausted!

The other night on our walk home from fishing I spotted these flowers along the side of the road.
Are they not the most beautiful things you've ever seen?!?
I have never seen anything like it!
Does anyone know what they are?  I would love to know!

Now, since the weekend is coming upon us I thought it would be fun to do a little something different.
I don't know about you but I love to discover new blogs!
So, what I want you to do is post your blog below.
Then we can all have the weekend to read everyone else's blog!
AND I challenge you to leave a comment on every blog that you read!
Because let's be honest.... receiving and reading comments is awesome :)

Alrighty...11:00pm on the dot.
Time to hit the hay.
Lots to do tomorrow!

Can't wait to read everyones blogs!
Get posting!

UPDATE: I guess I downloaded a weird Mr. Linky. Oops! So in order to see everyone's blogs you need to click on the Mr.Linky tab and it will pull up the list.  Just a little fyi :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crazy Week

Where to even begin!?!  This past week and a half has been crazy.  To be honest until I looked at my phone a minute ago I had no idea what day of the week it was. 
Rewind back to last week.

As most of you know we're traveling back and forth between our old town and new town (about an hour and half between) until the end of school.  Trav is working part of the week in the old town and part of the week in the new town.  Still following? :)
Our home in the new town is by a beautiful lake... WAY out in the middle of nowhere. 
So far out that I actually get zero cell service.  Which means we need to switch providers. And have I mentioned that it's been a struggle trying to find someone who provides internet service out there? Yes.  No bueno.  There still is hope though... I have a few more people to call. 
So anyways, the kids and I were at the new house with no form of communication to the outside world for almost four days.  Wow.  Talk about playing Little House on the Prairie! 
The first two days were kind of exciting and I was able to be quite productive in unpacking and decorating the house.  Then on days three and four I began to feel lonely with a capital L.  So...needless to say... we are going to do our best to get everything switched over and hooked up before we head back to the new town this weekend. :)

Now.  On to the rest of the week. 
On Saturday Trav's dad came to stay with us overnight for a visit (his mom was out of town visiting Trav's sister).  We spent the afternoon fishing and the evening grilling and visiting.
Everyone headed to bed around 10.  Kids and us downstairs...Trav's dad upstairs.
At about 3 in the morning Hank wakes us up saying he's having terrible chest pain.
Trav immediately helps him in the car and they head to the ER.

Long story short: He was having a heart attack. Scary stuff.
Later in the morning they transported him to a larger hospital about an hour away.
After all of the tests were done it was discovered there was blockage in a minor artery.

Thankfully the dr.s feel confident that medicine can take care of the problem.
It is amazing to look back at it all now and see how God was protecting Hank.
From the fact that he was at our house (he would have been home alone if he stayed in our old town) to the fact that medicine can hopefully fix the problem.
Our family stayed in a hotel in the town for two nights while he was in the hospital.
While Trav was at the hospital visiting with his dad the kids and I played back at the hotel.
Talk about feeling like a traveling gypsy. My poor kids have slept in more places the past few weeks than they ever have in their entire lives it feels like.
I am so thankful that they're such hardy sleepers! They will sleep anywhere as long as it's by each other :)

One of the positive things about last week and being unable to contact anyone was that
I had lots of time to think and pray.
Some of the things that were front and foremost on my mind was what I want our families ministry to look like this next year.  For those that don't know Travis is a highschool football coach.  I am excited to see how we can shine the Light of Christ to our new town and to kids that he is working with.  More on that later.
I also thought about what I want my blog to look like and where I want to go with it. More on that later as well.
AND I had plenty of time to daydream about starting up my sewing again. More on that later :)
Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Good Monday Morning!!!

*Well, everything was pretty much moved to the new house on Saturday!  We have one small load left to bring and then we'll be finished with the moving part.  Our little blue cottage still needs a thorough cleaning to get it ready for our new renter.  And at the new house there is lots of unpacking to do.  I'm so excited to get settled into our new place and get back into a routine.

*Routine.... turns out my little people THRIVE on routine.  We've been going back and forth between the new town and the old town (living with Trav's parents) for the past two weeks.  And will do so for the rest of May until Travis is finished up with his teaching/coaching job here.  Emma has been doing awesome.  But poor Colt has been SO incredibly fussy and clingy!  I hate all the change for him :( BUT once we're all settled in it's going to be a great change!

*Penny Pooper.  That's Emma's nickname this past weekend :)  She managed to swallow a penny this weekend. Have anyone else's kids done this?!

*Menu Planning- Our new house is about ten minutes from our small town.  In that small town there is a small grocery store that in my opinion is very over priced.  So the closest inexpensive grocery store is a good 25 minute drive from our house.  Which means that I need to start being alot more prepared in the food department.
My plan is to only get major groceries once every two weeks.  I have my two week meal plan and grocery list made up.  I'll let you know how it goes!  I've debated listing my two week meal plans and recipes on the blog... would anyone be interested?

*I feel like I've stumbled across some really great blogs lately... here are two of my favs...

* em' or hate em'?! We had this discussion at dinner last night.  Travis and I love them! My mother and father in laws... hate them.  What about you?


Sweet Cade is up from his nap and is now nursing.  So this post is now being typed with one hand. 
Which means it's time to wrap up :)
Have a great Monday whether you love them or not!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It's naptime over here. 
Emma and Cade are sleeping.
Colt is laying in his bed singing.... he's been singing non-stop for an hour. :)
Love his sweet little voice and his mixed up songs.
He's currently singing parts of "Jesus loves me" with "Pop goes the weasel". 
Makes for a great song :)

I should be working like a mad-woman packing boxes while they're all napping.
But instead I'm indulging in a Dr. Pepper
(yes...I'm drinking them again...tisk tisk I know) and reading a few blogs. 
I was also looking through pictures on my computer.
I came across this one from last week of Colt.
I went in to check on him during naptime and found him with
 a partially eaten string cheese clutched to his belly.
That had been his snack that morning.
 I guess he had tucked it in a safe place to pull out during naptime :)

Alrighty... enough procrastinating.
My goal is to see how many boxes I can pack in thirty minutes.
I do better when I give myself time limits.
Anyone with me on that? :)

Have a great whatever day it is... Tuesday?
What are you up to today....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day and Moving

Happy Mother's Day evening!  I'm about ready to roll into bed but knew if I didn't update the blog now it wouldn't get done this week.  Reason being is that we're moving this coming weekend!  I figure any free time that I have this week should probably be spent packing boxes rather than blogging :)  

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom.  I love you very much Mom and am so thankful for you!
And Happy Mother's Day to my mother-in-law Tricia...thankyou for raising such a great son!!!

We had a wonderful day.  We've all been battling nasty colds and have been working our buns off at the new house (more on that in a minute) so we all slept in this morning.  Once we were all up and around Travis took us all out to a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Oh My YUM!  We had a nice breakfast aside from tired and snotty Colt throwing a gigantic fit all through breakfast.  I like to think he was wanting to make sure I remembered I was a mother on this lovely Mother's Day :) 

After our brunch we headed over to Trav's parents for visiting and lunch.  
Then home for naps!!!  We all napped until 5:30!  It felt absolutely glorious and was just what the dr. ordered!  After naps the kids played in the kiddie pool while Trav grilled brats for our dinner.

It was the perfect Mother's Day in my book!  Lots of relaxing, resting, time with my sweet husband and babies and good food!  The Lord has been so good to our family and I was reminded of that today.  I am so thankful for my sweet babies that He has blessed me with.

We attempted to get a picture of the babes and I.  Out of ten pictures taken the following two were the best of the group.  :)
They're definitely not great pictures... but I absolutely LOVE them because it shows what life is really like at this stage in our lives!  I love the fact that I'm covered in sweet babes :) Nothing better! 
God is so good!

We spent Thursday through Saturday of this weekend cleaning and painting the inside of our new home.
We are LOVING the location of it!  Right next to a lake and in a beautiful wooded area.  It's definitely going to be a change from where we're at now!
Saturday morning Travis and his dad burned huge piles of leaves.  The smell of the pine trees and burning leaves smelled so wonderful!
The back of the new house has a large back porch.  I'm really looking forward to drinking my coffee out there in the morning!
The kids had the best time hunting earth worms all weekend.  I have never EVER in my life touched a worm nor do I ever plan on doing so. Gross.  However sweet Emma absolutely loves worms!  At one point she had six wriggling worms clutched in her little paw.  

This picture cracks me up!  Hot pink outfit and sunglasses... the perfect outfit to hunt earth worms in ;)

This is the view of the lake from my new kitchen window. 
 I think it will make washing dishes not seem quite so bad!


Off to bed... big week ahead!
Happy Mother's Day!
Nighty Night!