Monday, November 28, 2011

Turns out...

I am a terrible speller when I'm tired and I have great friends.
I'm referring to my After Thanksgiving post.
The night before Thanksgiving Cade slept MAYBE an hour and a half.
Poor little fella didn't feel well.
Thanksgiving day I could barely keep my eyes open.
Thanksgiving evening I quickly typed up a post.
A recap of the day.
And a little Black Friday sale for my shop with a 40% off discount.
Here's the kicker.
I received a tweet the next day from my friend Angie saying,
"I love you, Ashley. So just an fyi 40 is spelled forty. :)"

I had spelled it FOURTY.
AND.... I had made the discount code be FOURTY.
Then another friend Melissa pointed out I had spelled the Macy's Day Parade, "MACEY'S".

In the past I have prided myself on being a fairly good speller.
Yeah...not so much any more :)


Saturday morning was our official "cut a tree" day.
We woke up to pouring rain with no end in sight.
After discussing it for awhile we decided to head to Walmart to pick out a tree this year.
In years past we've always lived in the city and it was a treat to drive out to the country to cut a tree.
This year I don't feel like I'm missing too much of that since we live in the middle of the woods :)

I have been wanting a white (fake) Christmas tree for awhile now.
My mom has one in her kitchen and uses it to display all of her vintage ornaments.
Trav was so sweet and suggested we do a white Christmas tree this year instead of a real.
I of course loved the idea. :)
So this year we have our real Charlie Brown tree and a white fake tree!

Poor little tree needs some wrapped presents underneath to hide the tiny trunk :)

I will not be adding my vintage ornaments to my white tree for many, many, many years.
I will not even be taking them out of the boxes.
Nothing is safe with these three around!
This morning Cade pulled the tree over on top of himself.
*he's fine:) *
All of the ornaments on the tree this year are plastic.
Except for a special princess one of Emma's.
So yeah... nothing breakable on the tree for many years.

I'm off to finish up my Advent Calendar!
Thursday is the big day!
How was your Monday?


  1. Love the colors you decorated your tree with...they really pop on the white tree.

  2. Cute tree! Cant wait to see your advent calendar, posted mine today!! Too much fun...

  3. Cute tree! Glad no one was hurt! Please dont judge but what is an advent calendar? =)

  4. What a fun tree! :) Can't wait to see more of what you got going on in that home of yours over the holidays!!

  5. Very pretty tree! My cousin does a hot pink tree and a real tree every year!

  6. Gurl, sumtimes I cannt speell eithur. Dont stress it :)

  7. We have two trees at our house.

    Mama gets her own tree in the dining/living room ... filled with Mama's country ornaments. I have a real tree, white lights, and all of my ornaments are red, white, or tin. Love it!

    The kids get a BIG tree in the Family Room. We actually tie it to a hook in the ceiling because we've had too many crashes which have resulted in far too many broken ornaments.

    Each child gets a new ornament every year. So, with 12 kids, we have a LOT of ornaments, and need a very big tree.

    Just bought our trees today. Putting lights on tonight. Love it!

    :) :) :)