Tuesday, November 22, 2011



*I am online shopping for Christmas pajamas for the kids.
I am leaning towards three pairs of these little cuties...
or three pairs of these...
My plan is to give them their matching Christmas jammies on the first Advent day of December!
*I am making a list of wrapping supplies I need to purchase before this weekend.
In years past I have used brown paper as my wrapping paper.
I love that!
I think I will be doing the same this year with a little twist.
I am going to let the kids color on the outside of the packages with crayons.
Then I will top everything off with ribbon, bakers twine, doilies, etc.
I want them to be involved and participate in all the Christmas fun this year :)

I found these pictures on Pinterest...
This year I am decorating for Christmas with reds and turquoises.
What colors do you like to decorate with?

*I am googling recipes for pecan pie.
I'm desserts this Thanksgiving.
I've decided on a traditional pumpkin pie and a traditional pecan pie.
I debated going crazy and doing something totally different.
But then I got to thinking... Thanksgiving is only once a year.
I don't ever make pumpkin or pecan pie.
I'll be crazy some other time and stick with what is traditional :)
I'm not big on having weird things for holidays.
I prefer sticking with traditional foods.
What about you? Traditional foods or not?

*I am enjoying browsing through a few blogs.
Here are a few blogs I've enjoyed reading tonight...
Lullaby Lubbock

*I just finished up a delicious icecream sunday...
vanilla icecream, melted peanut butter and walnuts.
Delish :)

*It is now time for bed... Travis just walked in the door from a basketball game!
Have a good day before Thanksgiving tomorrow!!!


  1. my favorites are the stripe PJs....love them!!!

    Kim <3

  2. I'm thinking about wrapping in brown paper this year too. I saw a cute idea on Pinterest to use letter stamps and stamp the names directly on the paper that I think I'll try.

    I'm a big fan of traditional food at the holidays too. However, on Christmas we do Mexican food since we have the traditional turkey and ham for Thanksgiving.

    Hope you're having a great week!

  3. I love the striped pj's too. Im looking for christmas pjs.. its that time of year :)

  4. Pioneer Woman has a DELICIOUS pecan pie recipe, it's called "the pie that'll make you cry" :) Your wrapping sounds lovely!

  5. My kids have both had the footed pj's in a slightly different version (you know how they have the samething just different every year) Love the stripes too!

    The pecan pie on the back of the Karo bottle is the best! My mom had made it for years!

  6. I love the pjs for Advent idea!! ;) And I NEVER thought to wrap presents in brown paper...thats so cute! ;) Love you!

  7. Love matching pj's! You can get brown packaging paper at the Dollar store and HUGE roll!! Ummmm I love traditional pies :)

  8. Your pj choices look adorable! I don't know what it is about Christmas and pajamas...it's the best time of year to get a new pair: for sure. I'm an adult now...and I STILL get new pjs at Christmas.

    Wrapping presents in brown paper...I've always seen this, but never done this before. I too have seen this all over Pinterest.

    I think I'm going to give that a shot this year :)


  9. I'm making a pumpkin and pecan pie also. I usually just make the pecan from the back of the karo syrup bottle but last year I found a recipe from Martha Stewart that uses a little bit of toffee and its our new favorite. If you go on her website its called "English Toffee Pecan Pie"

  10. I'm doing brown paper too!! Love it. Found rolls at the dollar store, too!! Can't beat that!

    Traditional food all the way!!

  11. Thanks so much for the shout out! LOVE IT!! and love that we are twitter friends. Hello, we are practically neighbors! and great minds think alike because I just bought a ton of doilies at joanns on black friday for wrapping.