Thursday, November 17, 2011

This week...

  This week...

I ate brownies for breakfast two days in a row...

This week the kids and I got our two week groceries at Walmart...
And I must add (because I highly doubt I'll ever be able to say this again)..
That is was an ENJOYABLE grocery trip!
The big two were cheerful and Cade slept half the time!
I seriously walked out of Walmart feeling refreshed and like we had a great time.
Call me crazy.

This week I found the most DELICIOUS snack!
These paired with a Dr. Pepper = scrumptious!
This week while I was busy scarfing down brownies for breakfast the kids were enjoying pancakes...

This week I made eight paper hats for a garland for the boys bedroom...
Still not sure if I like how it looks...

This week I used my $200 worth of Erin Condren gift vouchers and did some shopping!
(the vouchers were accumulated through Plum Distric referrals)
I bought Christmas presents and planners!
I ended up spending a total of $1.78.
Awesome :)

This week my seven month old baby wore 3T pajamas to bed.
And they pretty much fit.
My giant baby.

What are your plans for the weekend?
We have NOTHING on the agenda for the weekend.
This is the first weekend since July that we have had an empty weekend.
I am really looking forward to it!
Have a great Friday!

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  1. Your giant baby is so sweet! And Emma's hair is getting so long!

    Those are our favorite pretzles, but everyone has to eat them so that no one person is too offensive afterwards. :)

    I just ordered my planner and address book a few days ago! Which one did you choose?

    Have a great weekend!

  2. YAY!!! It is nice to know someone else eats brownies for breakfast! Haha! I am always trying to sneak snacks so Lillie doesn't see. And your giant baby is adorable!

  3. omgsh 5ohBaby is 7 moths and wearing 6 months still! haha what an adorable guy!!

  4. walmart...I have to work up the courage to go there...which is about 4 times a glad it was a good trip!! brownies for breakfast...sounds divine! p.s. my 2 year old wears 4 t clothing...he is a big boy ... lol ;)

  5. yay for the EC gift vouchers!! :o)

    your kiddos are so cute! and even when I'm by myself, I NEVER leave Wal-Mart feeling refreshed... relieved may be, but never refreshed ;o)

  6. OMG... those pretzel crisps... have you tried the chocolate ones with the peppermint candy crunchies on this outside... oh dear, if you do, you will not be able to quit them. too good.

  7. Yum. Those chips sound like they are amazing!

  8. Your giant baby made me laugh! He is huge! I also love his spiky hair in your most recent post - like a cute little porcupine! Hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  9. WOW! So cool that you had so many vouchers!! I LOVE her planners and unfortunately missed out on the coupon! Hope she does it again! ;) Oh, and I LOVE the 3T is adorable!!!