Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Tidbits and Advent Calendar

I do believe I am almost finished with my Christmas decorating!
I've decided to keep it fairly simple this year.
No breakables out this year because of the kiddos.
I'm using more lights than usual this year on the inside of the house.
Here's a little peek...

I made garlands using a strand of lights and fabric scraps.
I folded my strand of lights in half...then tied the two strands together with strips of fabric.
Easy peasy!

Our Advent Calendar is finished and ready for tomorrow morning!
I had somebody ask what Advent was (and it wasn't a silly question by the way!).
An Advent Calendar is a way to count down the days until Christmas.

Advent (from the Latin word adventus meaning "coming") is a season observed in many Western Christian churches, a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas.

For our Advent Calendar this year I filled each bag with a treat (candy or small toy) and an activity we will do as a family.  Here is my list..
1. Make a Christmas craft
2. Bake Christmas Cookies
3. Make a Christmas craft
4. Make home made marshmallows
5. Pretend the story of Christ's birth
6. Make a Christmas craft
7. Make Christmas cards for friends and loved ones
8. Make a Christmas craft
9. Make Christmas reindeer cupcakes
10. Watch a Christmas movie
11. Read a special Christmas book
12. Drive and look at Christmas lights
13. Bake Christmas cookies
14. Make hot cocoa with marshmallows
15. Make a Christmas craft
16. Drive and look at Christmas lights
17. Make a Christmas tree shaped pizza and decorate it with toppings
18. Watch a Christmas movie
19. Make a Christmas craft
20. Sing our favorite Christmas carols
21. Make a Christmas craft
22. Bake Christmas cookies
23. Drive and look at Christmas lights
24. Make a birthday cake for Jesus!

I have alot of repeats in our activities.
Obviously alot of crafts and baking!
Some days bags are filled with little candy bars....
other days are filled with little toys from Dollar General.
Each day before we do our Advent Calendar we are going to work on memorizing
the beginning of Luke 2 (the story of Christ's birth).
I love Advent.
I love celebrating the days up until Jesus' birthday!


What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for the holidays?
I'd love to hear :)

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  1. Ashley, I am in love with your garland!! That is so cute and I might try to recreate around here. I just finished our advent calendar (and did a post about it). We do a birthday cake for Jesus, too - it's such a fun tradition. Beautiful decor, friend!

  2. Love the garland with fabric scraps! I'm going to pin it on pinterest and I bet tons of others do too!

  3. love your mantle! and your advent calender too

  4. I LOVE the fabric and lights - I was wanted to do that this year - your's looks great!

  5. love it! The Advent calendar is a wonderful and memorable idea!

  6. AMAZING!!!! :) Wow you are so talented! I love your advent calendar!!

  7. so cute! i really like the fabric/light garland. it's so easy and looks great! thanks for sharing

  8. Those lights are adorable and I love your advent calendar idea :)

  9. I love this all! Your holiday decorations look amazing!

  10. I love all of your Christmas decorations. All the garlands are so festive!

  11. Gorgeous!! I love all your pretty decorations, and now I definitely want to make a fabric scrap + light garland. :)

    Stopping in from Gussy's!

  12. How cute that garland is, add me to the list of admirers! Nice post

  13. stopping from Gussy! I love your lights and fabric scraps! Very cozy..


  14. omigosh. everything is adorable!!!

    I love all the colors!

    I also have a serious thing for that aqua color of blue! It's my favorite!!


  15. Oh my goodness I LOVE your holiday decor!

  16. Checking in from the Gussy Sews linky party and I'm so glad I did. The colors in your home this holiday season are amazing! I love the old milk bottle you've filled with candy canes and the fabric garland on your mirror!

    Did you already have all of your decorations or have you made a lot of new things this year (like the lights + fabric straps, those you made this year correct)?

  17. Love the garlands, and what a fun and cute advent calendar, too.

    :) :) :)