Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Catch Up

Are you ready for this?
This post will be jam-packed with tid-bits.
Pretty much a catch up :)
So here we go!

I had several questions about some of the things I wore this past week.

Top Left and Middle: Sweatshirt/Dress thing is from Target last year
Socks- American Eagle this year
Boots- TJ Maxx, probably four years ago.
Top Right: "Michael Jackson" shirt as my husband lovingly refers to it- Forever 21
Emma's outfit this past Sunday was from Anything Baby Boutique!
Their clothes are precious and the girls that own it are SO sweet!

This morning I found Colt relaxing on the couch with a bag of chips.
A bag of chips that I did not give him.
He was just sitting there looking out the window as he snacked.
I love this little guy.
He has been giving me a run for my money this past week.
He has been wearing his pants on his head any chance he can get.
Once he has them on his head he goes around saying "Argh...I'm a pirate".
All. Day. Long.
I love him:)
We went to a basketball game tonight...
he tried to take his pants off at the game so he could put them on his head.

I picked up some window stickies a few weeks ago at Dollar General.
$1 bought me almost a whole hour of quiet time :)
Money well spent!

Melanie at Layer Cake Designs sent me this sign and picture frame last week.
The lighting is horrible in these pictures.... took them tonight.
But you get the idea!
Scroll down to the post below...she's giving away one of these signs!

The winner of The Pickled Poppy Giveaway is...

The Olive Tree!
E-mail me and I'll get you hooked up with Autumn!

I know I'm forgetting several things...
but of course they're escaping me right now.

I'm getting ready to make a holiday baking list.
I picked up a Food Network magazine at the store this past week.
It's full of yummy cookie recipes!
What are some of your favorite cookies/treats to bake during the holidays?

pleated poppy


  1. You have such great style and the kids are adorable. I'm totally getting window stickers today in hopes of quiet time, thanks for the idea!

  2. You and your family are to cute! Maby you would like my giveaway?


  3. cute little kidlets! And I laughed at the Michael Jackson shirt... haha

  4. LOVE your welly boots!

    Hope you'll link up with What I Wore Wednesday: http://transatlanticblonde.blogspot.com/2011/11/what-i-wore-wednesday_30.html

  5. Your family is just adorable. I so need a pair of Welly's! LOVE them! xoxo