Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend...Bullet Style

I've begun to feel like my brain only works in bullet type posts...
Anyone with me? :)
Plus I find they're sometimes the most fun and easiest to read..yes?'s the weekend...

*The leaves are finally beginning to change and fall.
As they do we've discovered we'll be getting a lovely lake view off the back porch!

*My mother-in-law bought me this candle a few weeks ago.
I. Can. Not. Stop. Burning.It!
Bath and Body Works-Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.
Go and get yourself one!
It's the perfect mix of both fall and winter smells!

*I can't remember if I ever showed you my little "corner"?!
I love having my own little space in the living room to blog, budget, meal plan, etc.

*Above my desk is my chalkboard. :)
I love the little ledge it has...
The kids and I collect post cards...
Really, it's just my mom that sends them. :)
A few weeks ago her and her best girl friend went to the East Coast for two weeks...
Her travels added some darling post cards to our collection!
Thankyou for brightening up my corner Mom:)

*Did you know that putting a tea cup over your eye makes you a pirate?
That's what my kids think... Saturday was pirate day over here!

*This little ball of yumminess has mastered sitting up this week,
had a second bottom tooth come in,
and discovered his tongue all in one week.
Time needs to slow itself wayyyyy down...
My baby is getting big!

*As I stated in a previous post...
Saturday evening we went out for mexican to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.
What I failed to mention was that we were celebrating as a family.
During football season the kids rarely get to see their dad so we opted for a family night.
PLUS Travis offered to help me get the two-week groceries while we were out.
This in itself is a HUGE gift to me!!!
Was it the most romantic evening...nope.
Were my kids SUPER FUSSY before we left?? Yep.
At one point before we walked out the door all three were rolling on the floor crying :)
I was determined to get a picture of the two of us for our annual anniversary pic...
So to document the season of life we are in and what kind of date we went on here are the pics...

And... this is how we really felt ;)

Hope your weekend was great!!!
Don't forget Tuesday starts the Holiday Craft Fair on the blog!
Get your Christmas shopping lists ready!!!
Off to bed:)
Nighty night!


  1. Love the traditional anniversary pic!

  2. What an adorable family! I love the last fun! I love your little corner and your sweet calendar! :) Your kids are precious and I love your bulleted post!

  3. I love your chalkboard(they hold a special place in my heart:)) and all I could think was "AWWWWWWWWW" at your anniversary pics. Thats real life right there.
    Have a wonderful week!:)

  4. Oh my goodness gracious, I love this!!! I just found your blog and loved visiting! I was in that season not too long ago, so I just had to laugh at that last picture - priceless.

    Happy 5 year anniversary...and SCORE for the help with the groceries!! HUGS!

  5. Love your little corner. Sometimes having your own space is the best.

  6. Love the My Corner idea I think I may have to that one when we move...still praying for that day. House on the markey now for I think 2.5 months. Anyways! Hope you had a fun evening! You all are so funny and such a cute family!